Mobile Skylake Processors: The models on the way are exposed to HWzone
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Mobile Skylake Processors: The on-line models are exposed

Mobile processors models in the new generation of Are being exposed thanks to updated slides, and it seems that this sector also does not seem to be far-reaching changes

The first stationary models are already here and more stationary models are on the way, but what about the Skylake generation's mobile models? A number of formal and mirror-looking slides provide us with up-to-date information about what is brewing at .

The leading mobile model in the U-power category will be the i7-6600U, which will include two processing cores (with HyperThreading support) at an initial 2.6GHz frequency that can grow up to 3.4GHz in a turbo frame, HD Graphics 520 graphics that will include 24 operating units at operating frequencies of between 300MHz and 1,050MHz, as well as support for enterprise vPro features for data security and access control - all within 15 watt thermal casing.

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The vPro-free brother of the model mentioned above will be the " i7-6500U will also include working frequencies that are reduced by 100MHz to 300MHz (turbo) for processing cores, i5-6300U is dual-core and supports vPro, i5-6200U, which will be parallel to consumers who are not interested in organizational capabilities, The basic i3-6100U, which will include the same pair of 2.3GHz processing cores and no turbo capability at all. All models will come with the same HD Graphics 520 graphics core that will operate at a maximum frequency of 1,050MHz i7-6500U) or 1,000MHz (in all other models).

Upgraded U models, with more powerful built-in graphics cores than Intel's growing Iris family and a nearly double 28 watts power envelope, are due to appear early next year - although in this case we do not yet have technical details
Upgraded U models, with built-in graphics cores are more powerful than the growing IRIS family that it has created And the nearly double 28 watt power supply is due out early next year - though in this case we don't have any technical details yet

An official slide (supposedly) that came online earlier, we saw Intel pretending to deliver up to 11 percent in general processing up to 34 percent in the graphical core built into the Skylake-U processors compared to their predecessors in the Broadwell-U generation, which would undoubtedly be a step Go ahead - but anyone who was expecting to see the end of all four-core physical processors in this category, or In new, more cost-effective carrier envelopes, he will probably have to keep waiting.


The first Skylake-U processors will reach the market during the first quarter of 2016, a few months after the planned launch of the desktop and desktop Skylake models, M, which will constitute the lowest consumption category, below the sub-family of the U.

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