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Monday Cyber ​​Deals: A formidable video card for a surprising price

One of the The awesome 2080 in the environment at hundreds of shekels compared to any price you see in Israel - now on Amazon

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The arrival of the models 2080 SUPER enabled the price of the models The standard 2080 is starting to shrink - and that's good news for gaming enthusiasts, because today it's also a very powerful product that will enable most titles to operate in high graphical settings and a high, steady display rate.

Feeling ripe for upgrade? Amazon Amazon now offers the EVGA FTW3 model, with A triangle that occupies nearly three slots in the motherboard and chassis, with built-in illumination and a rear metal plate for enhanced mechanical strength and heat dissipation - at a base price of 619.99 dollars, which is a discount of 80 dollars compared to the recommended base price with which the cards were launched 2080 in the past and a theoretical discount of 230 dollars compared to the recommended price of this particular model.

Along with free shipping to the country and VAT, you receive a price of 742.56 dollars - that is, NIS 2,605 for value including expected conversion fee. This is a cheaper price than NIS 300 compared to each model 2080 sold in the country, and this difference will be further inflated by comparing the product to advanced cooling models designed to compete directly with FTW3.

God- 2080 is an EOL card, worth noting, that is, its production has ceased in favor of the SUPER model that replaces it - but that doesn't stop it from being a powerful and worthy model, even within the remaining inventory.

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Another interesting model of the RTX 2080 that is available at a competitive price is the Sea Hawk X from MSI, with a block Full water from renowned EKWB company and requirement for connection to a system External water (pump, water reservoir and radiator) not included in the product enclosure. If this is something you already have - you can purchase the rushed ticket for a price of 766.24 dollars, which is slightly less than NIS 2,690 in the total.

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Prepare a system Water on your PC? This graphics card will be able to integrate into it wonderfully


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