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Monster at the door: the video card Radeon R9 290X coming

After the fog has cleared, the technical specifications of the silicon chip that drives the high-end segment card will be revealed Of the next generation
As we know it stands AMD To announce its next-generation 26 cards per month, the announcement of the "Hawaii" core chip created in the architectureGCN) And in the process of producing 28 nanometers is the sweet revenge it will bring AMD As an answer to the competitor's cards NVIDIA, The core of theGK110 Which is found on the GTX And GTX780.
The next silicon chip will be larger in 430 millimeters per square (18% larger than the Tahitian core that drives some HD 7000 series cards). It includes a significant amount of 2816 unified processors made up of 44 64 clusters that drive each 37% compared to Tahitian core). The chip also includes a more massive geometry of four units Tessellation Compared to two in the previous core "Tahiti".

The memory controller will remain unchanged with 384 bit width with memory type GDDR5On the chip are slices of 176 processing units,ROP Apparently it is between 32-48.

Another great thing is support forDirectX 11.2 Which was included here and taken into account, this support will bring visual improvements without unnecessary loading on the graphics card and savings on memory utilization, all in conjunction with 8.1 that supportsDirectX 11.2.

So zero clocks and markings on the calendars, the 26 in a month will probably be a feast day in which a hungry monster from AMD will emerge into the world. We will wait anxiously for a card that will probably head to head against the competitor's GTX780 , In the end everything will probably add up to the price and surcharges around. Considering the price of 650 dollars to GTX 780, a good competitive price would be 600 dollars.


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  1. Very poor
    Amd waited two years to only show an update to the series that had been wanting for years, it's best to live for the next generation of 20nm

  2. It's not serious
    Today there is a big problem until there was a significant breakthrough against heat problem and power consumption was not normal improvement only such upgrades and others this is the situation today and both companies have reached a crossroads and have to make difficult and fast decisions More and much more painful

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