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More cuts: AMD's advanced Ryzen processors pay off exceptionally well

Six and eight-core Ryzen II and Ryzen III models get discounts at the online store The American

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Modern desktop processors of Enjoy unprecedented popularity - but to our delight, it does not keep them from falling prices every few weeks, and becoming more and more competitive every time.

The Ryzen 5 2600X, the hexagon (with 12 capillary thanks to SMT technology) the most advanced in the Zen Plus generation , With maximum working frequency of 4.2GHz and with body The Wraith Spire type that is included in the price is currently offered at Amazon USA for a base price of only 150 dollars, or 190.02 dollars including VAT and shipping which are NIS 680 including a conversion fee of one percent of the total value of the transaction.

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Those interested in another pair of processing cores can find the 7 2700, the most accessible octagonal model of the previous generation, with a maximum frequency of 4.1GHz, is sold at a base price of 170 dollars now - or 215.38 dollars including everything, which is about NIS 770.

Additional details and purchase:

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model 7 2700X octagonal cores (with 16 logical processing capillaries), with 105 watt carrier casing, increased 3.7GHz basic operating frequency and maximum 4.3GHz acceleration frequency, offer a total cost of 245.54 dollars with VAT and home delivery, ie 880 per shekel Costs higher than NIS 1,000 at local stores in the country.

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Part of a sample of Approximately half the price with it was launched last year - and judging by the models Of the first generation who have already crossed this threshold, there is still little potential to continue

For dessert, those who do not want to give up on the latest Zen 2 architecture bonuses can find the top eight core model, the Ryzen 7 3800X with PCI-Express 4.0 support, memory support 3200MHz speed by default and maximum working frequency of 4.5GHz - at 370 dollars instead of 400 dollars originally, which comes to 451.6 dollars including VAT and shipping and translated into NIS 1,610. This is a reduction of about NIS 150 and more compared to the same model in local stores, And this is definitely a wink difference that could justify a preference for online purchase from abroad.

Additional details and purchase:

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