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More memories and more SSD drives at great prices, now online

Memories Of Corsair and drives From home Are sold at absolutely surprising price tags

A new day and a sea of ​​new deals awaiting us at Amazon - including the lowest cost to date, and a considerable gap, for memories 16GB volume, waiting for the quickest among you.

One-time opportunity for Operation Flash in the next few hours - Silicon Power DDR4 with total volume of 16GB (8GB per module) at 2,400MHz base speed and CL17 The final price of 56.88 dollars includes shipping to the country, ie 205 shekels only.

Appointment holders American Prime and need to upgrade DRAM? Do not miss this offer

8MHz 4GB Single 3,000GB Module with Vengeance LP16 with CLXNUMX Available at the price of 46.18 dollars including home delivery - about NIS 170. An even more impressive deal can be found if you need to This pair of memories (white, instead of black) has a total volume of 16GB, Which cost 73.19 dollars including shipping or 265 shekels. Additionally, 16MZ 3,000GB Single 15GB module with more high-quality CLXNUMX timings Costed 79.43 USD (285 SHEKELS) including shipping, whereas Two 16GB modules including 3,000MHz and CL15 Immigrants 77.64 USD (280 SHEKELS).

The NVMe EX900 HP model budget drive is available at a great price of 41.46 dollars to inflate 250GB - Approximately NIS 150 for a drive capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of up to 2,100 megabytes per second. A more advanced HP XXUMXGB EX920 drive is available At a price lower than the Israeli VAT threshold, 77.49 dollars includes shipping which is NIS 280.

Another popular model drops below the 75 limit

The Patriot Scroch Offered at $ 40.12 (145 Shekels) to 256GB. Silicon-powered NVM drive based on the Phison E12 controller Also sold at an interesting price of 45.16 USD (165 SHEKELS) to the volume of 256GB.

Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB memory and compact SO-DIMM with 2,666MHz base speed and high quality CL15 timings Are sold at the price of 78.25 USD, or NIS 285.

SO-DIMM 32GB 16GB (2,400GB per module) with 16MHz and CLXNUMX Sold for 157.11 dollars (NIS 565) - and32GB SO-DIMM and 2,666MHz with CL18 timings Offered at the same price as those who prefer.

A pair of Corsair Vengeance LPX kits with 32GB including 3,000MHz and CL16 Sold for 161.04 dollars (NIS 580) including VAT and shipping, plus - A set of four 64GB modules including 3,000MHz and CL16 Sold for the price 320.93 USD (1,150 NIS) for those interested in going to the edge.

The famous memories of the company Available at a discount - in almost every array and volume imaginable

Have not you had enough? You should know that too The Ryzen 7 2700X is the octagon of AMD in the second generation Has dropped to its lowest price level so far - 330.4 dollars including VAT and body Suitable, ie 1,185 shekels.


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