More specials that should not be missed: RAM memories in Amazon • HWzone

More specials that should not be missed: RAM memories in Amazon

Another hot sale lets you purchase Crucial RAMs in standard and- Great prices

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Black Friday is only officially starting in a few hours (and a few more hours in most other Western countries), but the big deals seem to be here at full power - or at least very close to that.

Now, those looking to regenerate new RAMs on their desktop or laptop computers can get them at a very attractive price - as part of Amazon's day deals On products of the Crucial brand.

Kits of memories SO-DIMMs in 16GB volumes are offered at prices of about $ 70, including shipping to Israel, for standard 1,600MT / s models Standard and DDR3L are more economical, and 92 $ includes shipping to more advanced versions at 1,866MT / s.

Kits offered for stationary computers are 8GB (Standard 4GB) 1,600MT / s for 48 USD including shipping to Israel, and 4GB Stickers for total volume of Ballistix Elite 8GB based on standard 2,666MT / s for about $ 68 including shipping to Israel.


Lexar SD cards (another brand under Micron) are very fast in volume between 64GB and 256GB, and at prices between 38 and 123 USD, including sending to Israel.

Similar to the hot campaign on the company's SSD drive, These operations will end in another half hour, at 12 at noon tomorrow (Friday), so it is recommended to take advantage of them now if they are relevant to you. Enjoy!


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  1. Another hot deal allows you to purchase Crucial RAMs at DDR3 and DDR4 standards at great prices:עוד-מבצעים-שלא-כדאי-לפספס-זכרונות-ram-באמ/
    These are exactly the two models:
    My Computer: LENOVO G580, I don't know if 204 pins are suitable too, how do I check? And which of these models is better for my computer? The question one of them is registered to MAC The question if only to MAC, I would love to help why the operation is limited ... Thanks a lot. Specifications of my computer: 
    Thank you.

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