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Motherboards for the Haswell generation are beginning to be exposed

Motherboards for the next generationHaswell Are beginning to be exposed, we will likely see many of them on-CeBIT She came closer
Over the past few months, we've watched closely the rumors about the new mainstream processors , Which will probably be officially launched at Computex in June, but in the meantime more and more details are being revealed. The seat will be certain LGA 1150 And now it is known that the chipset will be Z87.
Another detail that is released is that the ports intended for storage devices will be included SATA 3, Or in its official name SATA 6GBps. Support for the standardPCI The oldest in terms of computing will not be found here. As we have noted in previous news, Haswell Bring with him my improvements But will significantly increase the number of CPUs that preceded it in terms of core graphics core performance in the processor. This is in accordance with Intel's new spirit, according to which the emphasis should be on the mobile platforms rather than on the desktops. This time toAMD There is nothing to fear.
Acer 's motherboards for next generation Intel processors
Motherboards are suitable forHaswell We will be able to see already in the Sbit approaching us in giant steps. Explicitly forbids displaying of positions with motherboards and processors for demonstration purposes, but the very fact that the exhibition will have finished versions of the motherboards means that you will see them in your favorite computer stores at the moment of launch.
Intel is proud of the new chips
Unlike previous leaks, the next generation of performance may not be Ivy Bridge-E, But simply Haswell-E When theIvy Bridge-E They will skip. In addition, it will probably be launched this year and not next year. The chipset will be called X99, But as of this moment there is no search for the name. Computex Exhibition This year should be more glamorous than ever.


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  1. He has some redheads on Intel there
    And grills every year between 1000 and 2011 and whatever comes out - that's the next stay! Once it rises and sometimes it drops, sometimes even with one foot! (Refer to the 1156 value that dropped to 1155), it doesn't matter - the main thing won't fit any existing board in the market !! And if you are already replacing a board and a processor, so are memories, and what are we left with? With enclosure? So let's replace the whole computer already and that's it! Anyone come up with a method here? If I were a shoe manufacturer, I would change the shape of the shoe every year, and tell Intel engineers "Sorry, this year's shoes are triangular in size, if your foot doesn't come in - change it. Incidentally, you also change your foot, next year all shoes will Trapeze. "

  2. To 1 - I wouldn't worry
    The improvement between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge was not very significant, as was the improvement between Ivy Bridge and Haswell. You can spend another 5 years with a Sandy Bridge-based quad-core system

  3. Next real jump - 14NM
    The less intriguing graphical core - the next significant leap will be in 14NM - for at least a year from now.

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