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Required development: A mouse with a built-in fingerprint scanner

The famous peripheral equipment manufacturer, Cherry, presents the future of the field from its personal point of view: a mouse that will allow you to enter the system with a secure biometric without the need for additional external means

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While Apple and Microsoft may claim to have equally good and reliable visual technologies, veteran fingerprint scanners still seem to have an unmatched community of secure access to computers and other smartphones - and after getting used to seeing these little circles and squares And in every price category in the market, and we even began to see them as part of the touchpad in a variety of computers , The next step may be to find them in our computer mice as well.

The Korean Cherry company, which sells mainly thanks to the mechanical pressing mechanisms it develops for a large portion of the gaming keyboards in the market, introduces a new mouse designed for the business this time, with a fine 1,375DPI (square inch dots) optical infrared sensor - and especially with Which is built into the front part, under the pulley, which is secured by the AES standard of 128 bit.

How did they not think about it to this day?

The sensor in question supports technology Hello of 10 windows, designed to provide convenient and highly secure access to the computer system - without removing the main control for most users, and as a possible addition to infrared cameras with facial recognition capabilities built into some systems to provide an extra layer of protection.

It will not be the most coveted mouse in the field - but it may be ahead of its time

The 4900 MC mouse will be offered with dedicated development tools that can enable integration of its biometric capabilities into non-operating systems 10 (MacOS and distributions , For example, and carry a recommended price tag of 110 Euro or 130 Dollar which is definitely not cheap for any mouse, especially one with a wired connection and a fairly generic design and appearance - but the key meaning here is the very proof of the ability to incorporate a imprint sensor within our computerized voting means, and not Cherry's competitiveness vis-à-vis bigger, more established manufacturers.

Soon fingerprint sensors can be a constant addition to all mice and keyboards wherever they are?

This is an original and refreshing combination, and we will not be surprised if this is the first swallow of a trend that will be adopted by all the other players who will begin to convince us that a biometric scanner is the ultimate security solution for us. Agree with us, or believe it is a gimmick which will quickly disappear? Share comments.


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  1. Just a year ago I thought about how it could be that there is no such product because there is no reason not to.
    But not sure it will catch on.

  2. Great idea,
    I would just put it in the left key,
    The one that is always on the finger and puts the sensor to sleep when the user is connected.

  3. Requested? Maybe, in a way like that? No. The scanner's location is uncomfortable, the mouse looks awful, and if you put it in the mouse, then as it was said before it is better to have a button, and camouflaged. A more sensible product to put on this keyboard is a fingerprint scanner - such as the Microsoft Metro Keyboard, where the odds of accidentally clicking are zero. Either way, a fingerprint scanner on the phone costs them half a dollar.

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