Mushkin's new SSDs break cost-effective records

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A lot of water has passed through the SSD market rivers ever since SandForce's SF2200 controllers were the hottest, most advanced and most popular thing around - but it turns out that these old critics still have something to offer us, even today.

Toshiba's new series of SSD drives, named ECO2, Based on the aforementioned PLCs - and includes prices that are the most attractive that we have seen in the market to date. The 480GB drive is now offered in the popular online store newegg (Which, as we know, does not ship shipments to the Holy Land, unfortunately) at the price of 160 dollars, which are about 0.33 dollars per gigabyte of volume , While at the same time the 240GB drive is even more impressive at the same store with only $ 80, just 30 cents (or a little more weight and 20 agorot) per gigabyte!

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SF2200 controllers are known for their incredible read and write performance, especially with respect to controls More up-to-date in the mainstream market, but still, it's still a drive-in (Who also boast that they were designed, assembled and tested in the United States) and with impressive price tags - which will probably continue down the road Both colon and general, and will finally bring us closer to the boundaries of the long-awaited "Giga Beat".

Despite the cost-effective price and the veteran controller, the Mushkin ECO2 drives are pleasantly surprised and praised In early reviews that come online

You have the impression, or you would prefer to add a few hundred shekels to buy Drive more up-to-date and reliable? Tell us what you think about the reactions.