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My Modding Project - Unreal Tournament Project

I'm tired of a boring computer

Hello dear members and other surfers. a month October We are already behind us and there is a taste of more. Do not worry, November will also be a month packed with fun content for your hardware and computer enthusiasts.

This time it is not an item on another New Launched by Taiwanese Company, No Performance Benchmarks They were terrifying. This time it's an item I dedicate to my own baby -Unreal Tournament.
About six months ago I wanted to start a project And especially the construction of a new computer (we have no new computers, only new components) in an interesting theme. I have explored many of the things I like to see if there is something to implement: artists I hear, That I love. In the end I came to the decision to build the computer around my favorite series of computer games, series Unreal Tournament.
For those who do not know (are there?), Unreal Tournament Is a computer game which was launched in 1999. The plot in the game is ... rather silly and superficial. The action on the other hand is the most exciting thing that happened in the entertainment world in 1999 (perhaps except for the Matrix).
The rules in the game are very simple. You (sometimes with a group) against the enemy in different arenas. Sometimes a battle Deathmatch Traditionally, the number of killings of each other also includes the seizure of flags and their return to the mother base. There are other, less exciting situations in my opinion. The graphics were breathtaking for most of us, Pentium users with 2 NVIDIA RIVA TNT או ATI 3D RAGE PRO. Even then it was falling in love at first sight, unceasing action, a lot of noise, a few curses at each other, hypnotic weapons.
The most prominent theme in a series of games Unreal Tournament It is mainly gold, silver and black. I decided that as a hardware enthusiast I might want to go for something unusual and build a computer system that carries the gold and black color scheme. The idea came to me when the motherboard Z77H2-AX Landed with me. I've never seen the combination of gold and black applied so well to a motherboard in the past and decided that around this color scheme I would build a whole computer. I remind you, to view the full size click on the pictures.
True, with all my love for this motherboard, I was looking for something a little different and then landed with me -Z77 OC Formula Crazy of ASRock With overclocking abilities. I did not like certain things in him, but he seemed appropriate at the time. A little before I decided to stay with him came a proposal from a company MSI And I simply could not refuse. The hardware maker decided to officially sponsor the project and send me the motherboard Mpower Z77 Big Bang, If I had expected criticism, it would have come to me in a much more surprising and surprising way.
In addition, she decided MSI Also indulge me in an advanced video card type Lightning GTX680. The reason why I was so happy besides the amazing hardware is also the color scheme that was slightly changed from gold and black to yellow and black. Now I also have black and yellow color video cards, too compatible with.

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  1. Giant!!!
    THEME Amazing, unreal rules, I really liked the design with the pipes, interesting. Do you define a boring computer because of its contents, or because of its constituent parts? Maybe worth a discussion about it ... Anyway Lake ...

  2. Answer briefly
    Lately I've been very busy and the project cost me more than I had planned. I have the privilege of dealing with these things in general that I loved dealing with in high school. My project is indeed more construction than Moding, nothing crazy.

    Soon serious, promising projects will be presented. Thanks

  3. Great project
    I know Lior, I watched him during the assembly and hypocrisy process. He is usually much more enthusiastic but for some reason things have been dragged a bit ... I know that Lior is capable of a lot more in general but I guess it is simply because of his lack of time. Anyway - well done!

  4. Beautiful but a waste
    The world of computer hardware is complete. Games = Consoles. Basic work = laptop.

    All modems and OCs are only bored

  5. Why Unreal ??? Quake is better.
    Lol Anyone who grew up in those years knew Quake and Unreal very well and always had this fight what better game.
    So in my opinion Quake haha.

  6. Three, you're really wrong
    Lol you just don't know how much. Consoles = POS. Restrict the gaming market and yet there are great computer games that really take advantage of the hardware and deliver a much higher quality experience.

  7. shloosh…
    There is no normal replacement for a mouse and keyboard, it is much easier to play FPS games on the computer, no question here at all, all messing with the computer is something else entirely.
    On a computer you have everything from today's consoles is not enough.

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