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NVIDIA video cards at promotional prices, now in Amazon

More It is very interesting for hardware enthusiasts and fast decision makers come to us from Amazon USA and Amazon France

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Amazon USA now offers three models of Zotac video cards at operational prices and the possibility of shipping to Israel, while at Amazon France you can get a GeForce GTX 970 card Attractive ownership.

The leading model of Zotac offered in the operation is The GeForce GTX 980 AMP! Edition, Which can be purchased for 450 dollars, plus 112 dollars on tax and direct delivery to Israel. The final price should be in the 2,200 NIS area, which is similar to the price of the cheapest GTX 980 in the country currently offered TMS and WellCom - The relative advantage is that the model of Considered more advanced.


In addition, models of video cards are offered GeForce GTX 960 (With 2GB memory) andGeForce GTX 750 Ti At final prices, including tax and shipping of approximately 230 USD and 130, respectively, which are more or less compatible with the prices of the cheapest models Which you will find in Israel these days, And the end of the year.

The best offer probably comes from Amazon France, The name of Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 970 In a windy version with a triangular windforce cooling is offered for about EUR 319 including taxes and shipping to the country - a discount of about NIS 200 From the cheapest model Of the GTX 970 offered in Israel.


As we have already learned, all these promotional prices depend on existing stock and therefore may, and tend to, disappear within a very short time - therefore it is definitely recommended to act quickly and take advantage of the opportunities. Fun shopping!

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