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Netflix: From now you can download series and movies

The streaming service joins its competitors and will allow subscribers to download some of the consumers for later viewing even without a connection to the network

If you are still angry at Netflix atRoll the whole story about the strange and tough limits to support the Ultra HD content display, This announcement is supposed to soften you a bit: Netflix will enable today all subscribers to the service Download video content to the local memory on their devices, For late viewing immediately and without the need for a connection proper.

This is in line with the significant competitor service from Amazon, Prime Video that already offers similar capabilities (and is reportedly set to launch an aggressive international expansion soon, such as that of Netflix that officially introduced the service to the Holy Land), and something that should benefit consumers in countries where mobile Internet access is not wide or cheap enough - and consumers from all countries Who often fly, or visit areas where there is no network access.

An important bonus for the online service that reaches 100 million subscribers worldwide
An important bonus for the online service that reaches 100 million subscribers worldwide

Considering that the content downloaded locally will still be protected against copying and duplication by the Netflix's advanced adoption - We are surprised it took so long for the company to make this important and sought-after feature a reality. But hey, late is better than ever.

It seems that the option is not yet available to all users of the service - and will be phased out in the near future

It is worth noting that at the beginning only some of the series and movies available on the service will also be available for download, not unlike the gradual expansion of high-quality content or Hebrew subtitles - and over time we should see more and more content available offline. Well done to Netflix, and now - maybe we can also get real 1080p streaming on all types of browsers please?


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    1. They block all these services, but even the smaller catalog in the country is still worth the money. There is nothing missing to see.

  1. it does not work for me. And I tried with the program shown in the example of the article ... is it only for mobile devices? (Mobile or tablet?)

  2. Not really working, I was abroad at the time of the announcement and downloaded some series on the hotel wifi to see on the flight.
    When I tried to turn on the app in flight mode I got an error saying I don't have an internet connection.
    Later, when I landed, I thought that maybe I could watch the series on the airport network, but even here I couldn't see the series because it does not exist in the State Library.

    A little bit of bass I was expecting more of them.

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