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New Details on Xe, a Brand of Intel Graphics Cards

The plans to create dedicated graphics cores and video cards based on them don't go away, but gain momentum - with Growing to fit even the most modest home solutions and the world of servers and information centers

We know the names very well and also , Quadro and Who have been accompanying us in the parallel processing market for years - and now we can add to that list for the first time in years: .

within Intel's impressive and impressive architecture conference We have received not only information about the general processing core of the new era, but also the official branding of all designated chipsets from the chip manufacturer that will arrive in stores from the beginning of 2020, as part of a new division led by Raja Kodori himself.

Technical details on products have not yet been received, naturally, but according to the slides it seems that Plans the A highly flexible architecture that will also be a substitute for the graphics core built into future processors after the Gen11 generation, which was also presented at the conference, for advanced gaming cards in the home market and for accelerating computing and artificial intelligence applications in the server farm and supercomputers of the future.

Flexible application architectures with growth capabilities that are compatible with the application are becoming increasingly common - and it will be interesting to find out if Will offer greater flexibility than the competitors

The philosophy of In the field is creating a tool And unified programming that will meet all of the company's processing components, from general processing units through FPGAs and modules (Nervana) and into GPUs - so developers have the opportunity to utilize all of the puzzle components in the most efficient way possible, which is not necessarily the case today when integrating different processing units from different manufacturers based on separate programming languages ​​and tools.

Raja Kodori has become one of Intel's most significant figures in a short time - and soon it will be time to deliver the receipts

Is there a chance that we will receive a larger and more significant breakdown at CES next month? This is probably true, although there is no doubt that we are waiting for a significant wait until the day when we can start deliberating between three manufacturers instead of only two when assembling the home system or choosing the new mobile system.

Is there any chance of a live demonstration next month? We'll hold our fingers, though we will not be too disappointed if we find out that it's too early for that

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