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New World Records, courtesy of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (updated)

The expert rushers did what they were asked to do, removed the liquid nitrogen tanks - and smashed the big highs of the 3DMark test

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After seeing the monstrous performance under "simple" refrigerants In various reviews throughout the network, It was quite clear that only time is what separates the 2080 Ti and the breaking of even more formal and graphical records in the field of graphical processing - and that did happen shortly, thanks to the efforts of Vince Lucido, known as K | NGP | N.

The famous Overclocker (or maybe the crazy one, if you prefer) used a Core i9-7980XE 18 core processor from , EVGA motherboard and software (with which it cooperates commercially) and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card to which an array is attached Unique in liquid nitrogen - to break the international record of all family tests For a single card.

World records, world records everywhere

The primary processing unit was converted to an 5.5GHz frequency for all its cores using Nitrogen in order not to be a bottleneck for the graphic results, and then the RTX 2080 Ti inside model accelerated to huge frequencies between 2,385MHz and 2,415MHz, using voltage Up to 1.068 volts, together with the speed of 8,658MT / s (or 17,226MT / s effectively).

The results There were new highs for the Time Spy test, the Time Spy Extreme test, the Fire Strike Ultra test, the Fire Strike Extreme test and the standard Fire Strike test - that is, in all of UL's modern performance tests for cutting-edge platforms, The cases are a pretty healthy advantage over the previous record results that belonged to the Titan V models, also from home of course. It is not certain that this is unequivocal proof that the Turing architecture is more advanced than - but it is certainly possible that this is the case when focusing on performance related to the processing and presentation of visual scenes.

Will soon see more users are quick to use cards 2080 Ti are rare in quality to challenge these results?

A few days after the NGP | N peaks we also received new global records for results using a pair array , Both for Time Spy And for Fire Strike Ultra, thanks to a quick and another YouTube called JayzTwoCents, which demonstrated a jump of up to 77 in points compared to the maximum received per ticket 2080 Ti Single.

It is worth noting that the results for the pair of RTX 2080 Ti cards, interconnected by the new generation NVLink Bridge, were achieved without the use of extreme nitrogen cooling for them - based on "modest" maximum operating frequencies of about 2,160MHz - and compared to a single single processing unit operating at a similar speed Of about 98 percent (!) In scoring, which probably demonstrates the huge potential for the new interface of Compared to- The old man.

Also records for the second , The maximum possible in the Which now exist, were broken with impressive ease

All of these results undoubtedly prove that there are quite a few surprises that await us from these fresh graphics cards, In general, in the foreseeable future - so expect updates as soon as possible.


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