AMD will soon unveil the Radeon Fury X2 card
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AMD will unveil the Radeon Fury X2 soon

The new model, which will combine two of the chip's most powerful cores, may be unveiled in the coming month, with real availability in stores during the first quarter of next year

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New reporting Claims that AMD plans to launch a new dual-core card, The Radeon Fury X2 On the face of it, this month, just before the year 2016 hits us with all its might - when the launch itself is on paper only with reviews from prominent sites, is also available to the public only later in the first quarter of 2016.

We do not have new technical details about the Fury X2 for the time being, but it is widely believed that this is something that will be similar to two cards Radeon Nano Which will be combined with a single printed circuit, meaning that the performance should be higher by 50 (and perhaps a little more) Fury X, under optimal conditions for high resolutions.

Presented a prototype of the dual-video card six months ago - but in the meantime we are still not sure when the official introduction will come

We certainly hope for the price of 1,000 dollars, which will make the double ticket competitive against the standard Fury X (yes, we know it's a little odd to call the card at a 'competitive' monthly rent), but it is not impossible that the price will also be high More 1,200 or 1,300 dollars - considering that all the Fury models we have received to date have been presented Innovative and impressive, but at the same time did not even pretend to break records of cost-benefit relations.

Another look at the monster Source:
Another look at the monster

One more question mark concerns performance stability that You can provide the new card. The company's previous dual card, the Radeon R9 295X2, offered excellent average performance in relation to its price tag, but also infamous for its microchips problems, new momentary declines in frame rate that were perceived by the players as tiny ' Which become very annoying when they come every few seconds or tens of seconds of a game. The new models of This is a much more challenging task with a two-core card, so we hope that in this case, too, we will see a substantial improvement that will make the Fury X2 relevant to those who are concerned about the phenomenon.


As always, we will continue to follow and update you with all the interesting details.

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