A new challenge for your graphics card: The next generation 3DMark test has been exposed to HWzone
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A new challenge for your graphics card: The next generation 3DMark test has been revealed

A new version of the best-known graphics performance test promises to be even more challenging than anything available to download and run at the moment

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It's no secret that the various 3Mark programs are home-based Futuremark of Finland, Are one of the most essential and fundamental downloads for any user who wants to test the performance of their computer system. Now we discover that there is a new version under development right now, and it promises to be much more advanced and challenging.

In the event of the GALAX (or Galaxy) graphics card maker in China, a segment of 3Mark's next generation test, which will be based on the new DirectX 12 standard and the 10 64 window system only, From the latest Fire Strike test And popular - when we assume that this is 5 by any resolution, since the new test can also be run in the standard 1080p version, Extreme version with 1440p resolution and Ultra version of .

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The new version may be officially launched during the first quarter of 2016, but this information comes from unofficial channels only at the moment, and we certainly hope that following the current opening we will also see an official announcement from Futuremark itself soon, and then we will know more. In the meantime, you are invited to view the demo documentation for the new test, which was named Time Spy, and also includes tiny and friendly records of performance tests from previous editions of the company, such as Easter Egg.


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