New cooling comes into play: Cooler Master MasterAir G200P • HWzone

New cooling comes into play: Cooler Master MasterAir G200P

Need effective cooling for small and narrow systems? You should take a look at the new Taiwanese company product

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Shortly after we got to know you The new elegant black model from Noctua That requires a height of 37 millimeters above the motherboard to cool your processor - lands a new and very interesting competitor from home Which offers similar and even better capabilities with a height of 39.4 millimeters.

The MasterAir G200P is based on a pair of copper rounded heat pipes that are housed in a rectangular casing of aluminum fins - and above all there is a modest 92 mm diameter fan with illumination Colored built-in. These features come with a width of only 92 millimeters, 95 millimeters in length and mostly 39.4 millimeters height, so there should be no problem integrating the G200P into any chassis and motherboard tailored to the Mini-ITX configuration, regardless of the type of dynamic memory used. .

Comes with two years warranty and out of the box compatibility with the vast majority of mainstream home processors And AMD

Cooler Master will offer the heat sink with the tiny C10 controller to control type, hue and illumination - without the need to install any software applications. The featured fan is designed to operate at speeds of between 600 rpm as the base and 2,800 rpm at the upper end, with heat dissipation capabilities that are also compatible with powerful 95 watt processors and with a promise of maximum noise power of up to 28 decibels above an average new noise level.

It will be interesting to see the G200P's ability to test against other coolers at full height less than 40 millimeters - and to decide who the current king of the field is

Think this product should be the foundation of your next home computer system? The G200P with compatibility is for the AM4 in-house And to the various LGA 115X residences From the past decade, Amazon's US $ 45 price tag is available now - with the addition of another $ 5 or higher product that will allow you to enjoy free shipping without the need for tax additions.

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