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New details about NVIDIA's most powerful mobile video card

Advanced video card seen on mobile Asus's crazy water, which has not yet been officially presented, will be called GTX 990M, or Mobile GeForce GTX 980

The two leading portable video card cards To date, the GeForce GTX 980M and the GeForce GTX 970M offer considerable power, which is supposed to be sufficient to operate most of the games on the market at FullHD resolution. The combination of two of them together in the SLI (as you will find in the most advanced gaming devices on the market) Even more monstrous, which will likely be able to compete with gaming on- Almost in every situation and describes.

However, it appears that the in- Believe they have something even more advanced to offer gamers of the mobile market, Which offers some surprises of its own - a mobile video card that won't be just a small, weakened fireplace for But will be similar to almost all the technical characteristics, no less and no more.

The new and mysterious card has yet to be officially unveiled, but has been mentioned on several occasions and has also been viewed on the new ROG GX700 External Water) - with 2,048 CUDA units that actually comprise a complete GM204 core, 64 restoration units, 128 texture units, GDNXXUMUM memory (5GB volume!) And frequency Definitely higher than the 1,190MHz.

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In other words - this is a mobile card that is almost completely similar to GTX 980 desktop (compared with the GTX 980M which offered about 75 percent of the performance of its stationary counterpart). In fact, the only significant difference comes precisely in the graphics memory, which will come in the mobile model in a very generous volume, as stated, but with a relatively low working frequency of about 5GHz, compared to 7GHz at.


The latest estimates predict that the new card will be named GeForce GTX 990M or even the Mobile GeForce GTX 980, to highlight the relatively few differences between it and what you can find in the desktop version, with the official exposure coming sometime in the next two months. It will be very interesting to see which thermal envelope and what level of performance the model will work, and it is even more interesting to see whether we will see it later in the SLI configuration, which can provide a level of performance we have never seen on computers .

Most of us may or may not want to invest the resources needed to buy a computer that will contain the new and advanced video card, but its very existence on a mobile platform is a significant technology line, which will eventually advance the entire mobile graphics processing market. So - we will certainly be eagerly waiting to hear more until the latest creation from the Santa Monica chip developer.

The specification of the new model compared to the GeForce GTX 980, GeForce GTX 980M and GeForce GTX 980 Ti the most powerful, based on what is seen on the mobile GX700
The specification of the new model compared to the GTX 980, the GTX 980M and Ti's most powerful, based on what's seen on the GX700

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  1. NANO Killer?
    If it gives 980 performance and gets into a laptop then it would be very simple to pull out its super compact desktop version

  2. Personally I am still in the market and even wet that they managed to bring a performance shot and the amount of 100W less than the previous generation.
    GTX980 that only eats 160W…. (Wet dream).

    By comparison, the 780 consumed 250W _ the 290X consumed 300W (those who know 7970 well know they had moments of transitioning to 340W)…

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