New information about Skull Canyon, Intel's tiny gaming machine

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NUC 's most powerful PC Has always been exhibited at the exhibition 2016 behind closed doors, sounding like a very intriguing project

Last month We received a very interesting report About a machine called Skull Canyon that prepares for us - Powerful NUC computer based on Not yet announced with Built-in IRIS Pro 580. The most powerful Intel has ever had in a processor.

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The CES show has arrived, and although we hoped for a slightly more grandiose display, we now know that the Skull Canyon is real and on the way, with more concrete details about it. according to The site's tomshardware users were able to view the prototype of the computer (but not document it), Skull Canyon will be based on quad-core mobile processor Skylake section And the H family, with a standard thermal envelope for these models of 45 watts.

We still do not have pictures of the new and mysterious computer unfortunately, but it is reported that it offers a metal or metallic gray shell, with the familiar skull logo of Intel
We do not have yet Of the new and mysterious computer Unfortunately, but reports that it offers a metallic gray or metal-like shell, with the familiar skull logo of Intel

We assume that the specific model will offer frequencies similar to those of the 6300HQ (2.3GHZ at base and 3GHz in turbo mode), in order to make as much power as possible for the Iris Pro 580 core which will include no less 72 units of execution, 128 Built-in, fast L4 cache and level Theoretically a maximum of 1,150GFLOPS, similar to that obtained from a dedicated GTX 750 card. The price of the chip will probably be in the area of ​​the 6700HQ and 6820HQ models, that is, over $ 300 for the consumer at the end of the chain.

What model will the new processor with the Iris Pro 580 core look like?
What model will the new processor with the Iris Pro 580 core look like?

Other details mentioned are that the Skull Canyon chassis will be surprisingly compact, with a width of approximately 20 centimeters, a length of about 10 centimeters (or vice versa) and a height of only about 2.5 centimeters - not bad for a machine that is supposed to face respect With gaming likely in 900p and 1080p resolutions. Your computer will have memory support And 2-based storage with 4 3.0 USB connections and an additional Type C connection that will probably fit the X- 3 ultra-fast. It may also be possible to connect External with a dedicated Skull Canyon video card? We'll see.

The Skull Canyon computer is likely to be nearly as wide (or as long) as the standard NUC 2, but the good news is that it will be at the same or almost the same height, so the compaq is definitely maintained, despite the doubling of processing capabilities
The Skull Canyon computer will be nearly as wide (or as long) as the 2 But the good news is that it will also be of the same or almost identical height, so that the compaq is undoubtedly maintained, despite the doubling of the processing capabilities

The computer is designed to reach retailers during the second quarter of the year, without an operating system so it has the potential to become both a small gaming machine for Windows and a gaming machine for Steam OS. The price is not yet known, but our estimate and hope is that it will be possible to create a complete system here at the cost of 600 or 700 USD, that is, less than 3,000 NIS.Is this just a strange whim or the future of gaming?


Would not it fit VESA?


Suitable for poor gaming. In 3 thousand stationary components with 960 rather than 750