New era in storage: Corsair introduces an SSD drive that supports PCI-Express 4.0

The new Force MP600 model will use the new generation controller To provide transmission speeds of up to 5,000 megabytes per second

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One of the most positive developments for In recent years it has been restoring confidence in its products from other hardware manufacturers in the market - which constitutes the basis for actual collaborations and products that will eventually reach our customers' hands. This trend can also be seen in the rapidly expanding selection of computers Based on processors , The impressive test of motherboards from all manufacturers designed for the company 's desktop platforms - and now also in the first - tier products 4.0, which will be exclusive in the next incarnation only to the products of the Red Camp, while Intel preferred to wait a little longer with the adoption moves.

Company Plans to be among the first in the world to offer support for the new generation's communications arteries, using its Force MP600 drives that will try to continue the very positive momentum the company has gained in the field with its superb MP510 models.

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We still do not know what volumes and based on what kind of chips The MP600 models will be offered, with the expected launch of the MPXNUMX, First generation 7 in July 2019 - but we do know that these models will be based on the company's innovative E16 controller and platform , With continuous reading speeds of up to 4,950 megabytes per second and continuous write speeds of 4,250 megabytes per second, which of course smash the glass ceiling that we have known in the field to date, based on arterial 3.0

After the MP510 drives showed us what they could do - we have an increased interest in the works of the MPXNUMX Storage world

The intended price of the MP600 models is also unknown, although we will not be surprised to find that according to the initial performance, the officially recommended price tag will increase. However, there is a good chance that the trend of these new drives will grow rapidly - and so the competition will do its job and the prices will quickly drop to more sane points. What do you think about the product? Let's talk about it in comments.

The performance of the E16 at the first public appearances were impressive - but the final commercial product may be even more elaborate