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New from Xiaomi: Home gaming screens

The popular Chinese company begins its journey in an interesting area for home users, with the potential to provide us with better prices than anything we have ever known before.

Its products (And its diverse production partner) manage to deliver surprisingly competitive prices for each category they compete in - and it will now be interesting to see if that statement is true for computer screens that enter the race with a pair of models for different audiences.

The Mi Surface Display is a relatively large, convex gaming model, based on a panel of VA (Samsung) 34-inch and 3,440 × 1,440 pixel resolution, with technology support For vertical synchronization of the display and refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, 4 millisecond response time for color transitions in pixels and fine coverage of 121 percent of the sRGB standard color gamut.

Functional design and medium and reasonable features - but at a lower cost by tens of percent of similar designs that helps it stand out in the environment

The screen offers reasonable average brightness of 300 Nit, 3,000 static contrast ratio: 1, HDMI 2.0a inputs, inputs 1.4, a three-sided, thin-sided design and non-bad ergonomic capabilities that include desk height adjustment, horizontal and vertical display tilt, and VESA-compliant wall-mount compliance.

This is not the most elaborate screen, surely when it comes to the gaming world that leads Most of the technological trends in the world of display, but with the official price of only 2,500 yuan in the Chinese market, 355 dollars in direct conversion, this is a real find. The Mi Display should also reach the European market (with a price that is naturally higher due to the local VAT increase), and there is no doubt that it has a lot of potential to succeed - so we hope it will find its way to stores in Israel, either through official import, parallel import or both together.

There will also be a supporting model Competitive below? Wouldn't hurt my dream

A screen for more modest home appliances will be given the name Mi Display - with a panel At 23.8 inches, standard 1080p resolution, 6 ms response time for its 60 Hz pixel refresh rate, at only 700 yuan or $ 99.5. Is it possible to dare to think of a day down the road that this model could be purchased for $ 75 or less from online Chinese stores, and thus receive a home screen (of apparent quality) for less than NIS 300? We will continue to monitor and update as the vision materializes.

screen Sane at a recommended price of about NIS 350 - compared to prices of NIS 500 and above for models with similar characteristics that are sold in stores in Israel at the moment

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