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Up to 8TB for storage and 64GB of RAM: a new generation of MacBook Pro

Get to know the new version of the successful showcase from home - With a larger screen, promising keyboard and premiere graphics cards Of AMD

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Months of stubborn rumors that Apple is planning to bring to the market a new MacBook Pro that will lead a trend with 16-inch screens that are halfway between 17.3-inch versions and 15.6-inch versions that can afford a little more come to an end in one sudden moment - with The official announcement of the MacBook Pro 16, which is gradually replacing the previous large MacBook of .

The MacBook Pro 16 includes improvements in almost every aspect and every category, with an 3,072 × 1,920 pixel IPS panel that guarantees maximum clarity for up to 500 Nit, processors Hexagonal cores and octagon cores from the Coffee Lake Refresh generation, memory 2,666MHz speed in volumes between 16GB and 64GB, based storage arrays In volumes between 512GB and 8TB (no, it's not a mistake - Guarantees a capability here that she claims was non-existent Previously), an improved millimeter-click keyboard designed to deliver a very high-quality typing experience and a built-in X-watt Watt-hour battery that should handle all of these components with respect and improve the legacy battery life.

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Inside the laptop, which now weighs about 2 kilograms and is slightly thicker with an 16.2 millimeter profile, you will also find an array Enhanced with larger fans and higher quality tubes for transferring excess heat, 802.11ac dual channel Wi-Fi connectivity, four connections 3 for all possible needs, a stereo audio set that includes six (!) , Two for each general frequency range, and an advanced array of three microphones designed to eliminate the need for an external microphone for audio recording for most consumers.

The Touch Bar is still here, right where you got used to it - alongside a keyboard that should be better and more reliable, we hope

The new professional laptop will maintain a basic price tag of $ XNUM, ouch, similar to the MacBook Pro 2,400 it replaces, and will be the premiere for Vega's Graphic Cores core Under the names Pro 5300M and Pro 5500M, with dedicated GDNXXUM or 4GB of GDDR8 memory and with a promise of significant performance boost compared to Pro 560X and Pro 555X.

array Similar to what you'll find in recent gaming gadgets

The modern MacBook Pro will be available in grayscale or silver, at a starting price of $ 2,400 for a hexagonal Core i7 chip, a unit Pro 5300M and 512GB storage and $ 2,800 storage model for model with octagonal Core i9 processor, 1TB single SSD and card Pro 5500M with Graphic Memory 4GB - hence users can get wild with extra Dynamic and volume (Or another upgrade to the processor and doubling the graphics card's graphics memory) so that the maximum final cost can cross a whopping 6,000 threshold.

The base price remains the same - but you get the volume for it And superior processing power

The MacBook Pro does not change its position and position in the market, and continues to be a model suitable for a very specific target audience that is not afraid to invest large sums of money for unique features and quality performance - and now it seems easier to digest, with some of those unique features really exciting and advanced to the point. They can compete with dignity against all parallel systems that are based on it .

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