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A new generation of external graphics: Razer Core X Chroma

A new version of the external video card enclosure includes Very generous - and of course, colorful enlightenment

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The field of external graphics processing continues to be particularly intriguing - on the one hand we are witnessing the creation of a massive bottleneck for most modern video cards within the 3, which cuts the performance potential, yet it is still a huge improvement over CPUs with built-in graphics cores that convince quite a few technical users to make the necessary financial investment.

Until we get to see the PCI-Express 4.0 standard in action, while probably also double-speed external connections that can do wonders, this area will remain controversial - but if you embrace an external video card you should know the new and promising chassis from a company Which is precisely designed for this purpose.

The designer case becomes even more powerful

The Core X Chroma is an upgrade of the renowned gaming company's Core X budget, though it is not meant to be replaced but sold alongside those who need more - with an internal 700 watt power supply and enough space to accommodate most of the modern video cards And of - Also from the GeForce and Gaming and the Quadro and Pro in favor of creating content or scientific tasks that require maximum processing power.

God- X Far from being the most compact in its category - but it will fit almost any graphics processor you find in stores

The package includes RGB illumination built into the Chroma technology Which enables customization and synchronization with a variety of other components through a dedicated application, based on an author 3 external single but dual internal controller - giving it the ability to provide maximum bandwidth for the video card connected to the system while also providing up to 100 watts of power for standard PCs Power Delivery Through one of the four Type-A where. There is even a Gigabit Ethernet connection in the package as a solution for many compact mobile devices that have decided to abandon it.

Will naturally blend with the other In your possession, if any

God- X Chroma will be available at a recommended price of 400 dollars - expensive at 100 dollars X is the standard and expensive 200 3 The simplest and most basic. A justified investment? Feel free to tell what you think about the comments.

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