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New information about Intel's Kaby Lake processors

מספר Mufflers give us more information about the models that are waiting for us in the new generation of the chip giant, beginning at the end of the year

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A few days after we got first details about The following NUCs Its, a quartet of photos from the Chinese leakage site benchlife offers us another update on Intel's next products - Chips of the Kaby Lake family, Which, as is well known, Seventh in number.

According to the details, In the field of mobile U processors The Core i3-7100U model with each 2.4GU core core processing core, with HyperThreading support but no support for the Turbo Boost 2.0, the Core i5-7200U with a pair of 2.5GHz baseband cores and a maximum 3.1GHz turbo frequency, And a Core i7-7500U processor with an 2.7GHz baseband cores and an impressive maximum 3.5GHz turbo frequency. All models will be provided with an updated HD Graphics 620 graphics core, with 24 cores, memory support , DDR3L memory support and LPDDR3 memory support - as well as a standard 15 watt thermal casing, and 7.5 watt miniature casing for ultra-compact systems.


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A more significant change is seen in the processor family m ultra-economical - this time you will be even closer to the When this time, m3 will maintain the branding, while more expensive models will switch to the i standard. In other words, a model m3-7Y30 will offer a pair of processing core at the base frequency of 1GHz only and a maximum frequency of 2.4GHz, i5-7Y54 and i7-7Y75 will offer a base pair of processing cores of 1.2GHz and 1.3GHz respectively, along with maximum turbo frequencies of 2.8GHz and 3.4GHz respectively - all plus Graphics 615 graphics with 24 performance units as well (but practical frequencies that will be lower in almost any situation because of the lower thermal envelopes).

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Intel wants to continue to blur the gaps for the average user between cost-effective mobile models and ultra-cost-effective models through updated branding, even though the potential performance is very significant - depending on the cooling efficiency of the purchased computer and the expected use of it. The more up-to-date users will be the ones who will need to explain to others the minimum differences between the new models and help them make the right and desired choice.

For dessert, in the sector of atomic processors to the budget market, this time we will see only models under the Pentium and Celeron brands (after the mobile models under the " Itself eliminated), with two to four processing cores in the updated and improved Goldmont architecture, but also non-update HD Graphics 500 and HD Graphics 505 core cores Such as that of the C-, And will offer 12 execution units and 18 execution units respectively.



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    1. wait of course!
      its a refresh of todays skylake.
      kaby will be better after all the leasons were learned.
      no more C-State Crash on some Mobo's _ (skylake bug) refreshed

  1. How reliable is this information?
    Sounds a bit puzzling to me about the memories, and the differences in PICE LANES.

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