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New information about AMD's first Zen processors

Quad-core model, octagonal cores and plans to launch on 2016 Despite everything: the new generation of chip developer is approaching us

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After the competition in the graphics card market has returned to the glare thanks to the transition to the production of innovative 16 nanometer and 14 nanometer processes, we are holding our fingers to a similar development that will reach the home processor market as well. AMD's first processor in the Zen architecture - The new one, which is also manufactured with 14 nanometer FinFET technology, similar to the technology manufactured by Since the year of 2014.

now, New reporting The guru3d site sheds some light on the models we are going to receive as part of our new FX line , While an official update of the company for its investors gives us more details about the timing of the launch.


Four early engineering examples of Zen chips have been seen by informed sources with two models for the home market, one providing four physical processing cores and eight logical processing cores (using Intel HyperThreading technology) in a thermal envelope of 65 watts, while the other will provide eight cores Physical processing and 16 logical processing cores, in a shell of 95 watts. The first model includes 2 megabytes of Quick Cache from L2 and 8 A cache of L3 level, while the second and more advanced model includes 4 megabytes of L2 and 16 megabytes of L3, and both models are characterized by a basic 2.8GHz operating frequency and an 3.2GHz turbo frequency - although this should not draw any significant conclusions, since engineering prototypes typically have lower frequencies than the final commercial models.


The new data closely matches this analysis we presented to you a few months ago, which was based in turn on a small official photograph of the H- Future - although we would still recommend treating the entire information with a pinch of skepticism

If you were not impressed, you might also be interested in hearing about a pair of server-designed models - with 24 physical processing cores (!) In 150 watt thermal cores, and 32 physical processing cores (!!!) in 180 watts. This is the stage to note that the most advanced Xeon processors Include 24 physical processing cores, so it seems that in this sector too we will have a very interesting competition, somewhere over the next year.


God- Approaching - but will still come with another delay

So when the end of the end seems to be the first nanometer 14 processors In stores? If based on what they declared in Over the past week, this will happen just before 2016 changes to 2017. Although it was planned to launch as early as the third quarter of 2016 (the one that started earlier this month), it was pretty clear that this was not going to happen - and now at Sunnyvale developer are hoping to provide 'limited scope' of models at the end of the year, en route to a broad practical launch during the first quarter Of 2017. We have nothing but hope that this will be the final rejection, and that we can finally see with our own eyes the greatest hope for a slightly more competitive market.

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