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Outstanding Budget NVMe Drive? Western Digital launches a new model

The Blue SN550 is designed to replace its popular predecessor and deliver Upgraded at the bottom end of the modern home storage world

From time to time, we find that the optimal and optimistic numbers that accompany official publications for the various volumes do not necessarily indicate the performance and capabilities they will experience in average home use - and one of the best examples of this is the WD Blue SN500 drive, which on paper offers the worst data on the drive market. -NVMe all but in practice managed to surprise his abilities Reasonably stable, alongside exceptionally minimal and efficient power consumption.

Now is the time to prepare for a possible gradual break from the favorite budget drive - to be replaced with a fresh model this season for the WD Blue SN550 that purports to continue and even increase success. Western Digital is one of the only players in the drives market Enjoying the ability to control all product components internally and independently, thanks to the acquisition of SanDisk - and so does the SN550 like its predecessor, based on a dedicated controller developed by company members, combined with memories WD and SanDisk XNUMXD are in joint venture with a company in the field.

The ability of Directly affecting all of its drive components, firmware and software alike, has proven itself so far

We do not know the exact identity of the controller Or the chips The SN550 drives are used, but in practice they are accepted Interesting with continuous transfer speeds of up to 2,400 MB per read and up to 1,950 MB per second in writing (compared to a maximum speed of up to 1,700 MB per second in the SN550 models), plus Maximum random 410,000IOPS with 4kb small files - all within a standard 2-millimeter M.80 configuration with a five-year warranty that encompasses a write volume of 0.3 full drive volume every day.

The new models may be the leaders in drive performance Without a built-in dynamic memory - and do it with a chassis One flash, probably based on the latest BiCS technology with 96 layers and internal TLC configuration

The SN550 drives will be offered at 250GB as a base (with Reduced writing and random performance reduced due to the inability to utilize the full channels of communication in the controller), 500GB and one terabyte volume that was also unavailable in the WD Blue SN500 family - so there is an improvement from WD in both continuous and random performance And in a variety. And what about the prices? The US manufacturer's official recommendations are $ 100 in terabytes and $ 65 in 500GB - along with a relatively expensive and not very high price of $ 55 for 250GB, which is also said to have to settle for the lower performance of the three.

It is very easy to visually distinguish between the SN500 (back) and its replacement - the first Storage is adjacent to the storage controller with all other printed circuit board space free, while both components are on two different edges of the printed circuit board (which should improve the thermal performance of the unit, by the way).

If the SN550 drives are able to prove themselves in actual performance, and can even offer prices below the recommended threshold at one point or another in their lifecycle as commonly seen in the category - they may well be able to receive the Royal Crown of the World The folk. what do you think? Let's talk about it with everyone in the comments.

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