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New NVMe drives in a large volume market

The compact M.2 configuration receives a pair of additional models that are available at a nice maximum volume

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We keep wondering when my drives will finally appear In modern M.2 configurations with exceptionally large volumes of 4 terabytes or even 8 terabytes and 16 terabytes which have been mentioned as an option in the next generation storage controllers - but for now, more models in the market are available in volume 2 terabytes, which it can also be considered quite respectable for compact and thin print circuits.

The advanced NVMe version of the Extreme Pro series from SanDisk, originally launched in April this year with volumes between 250GB and 1TB as the twin sister of the Black SN750 series from parent company , 2 terabytes will also be offered in stores from now on - with a two-company self-development controller that delivers up to 3.4GBps read and random performance of up to 550,000IOPS in writing small 4KB files, with five years of 32 total write volume Every day.

Large volume, Great - but also a heavy price

The price of the model in question is no less than 480 euros In Germany (Including VAT and shipping extra to Israel), so it's not at all straightforward to justify choosing it against NVMe drives in the same volume priced at tens of percent In the American Amazon, for example - At least for now.

The other model that has been doubled in size is the popular SATA8200 Pro from ADATA based on Silicon Motion's SM2262EN controller - with continuous speeds of up to 3.5GBps, Random up to 360,000IOPS for both reading and writing and five-year warranty with 35 percent writing volume per drive volume each day.

The drive is also sold at a base price of $ 290 on Amazon, though from a seller who does not offer direct shipping to the country - so it is clear that there is still little potential for price reductions

The price of the SX8200 Pro in 2TB volume is more competitive than the Extreme Pro, and stands As early as the beginning of his career, he had spent $ 330 as a base on Amazon USA - or 399.09 dollars including VAT and shipping. This is still not the best price we have seen in the market for drives Advanced with 2TB volume, but it certainly looks like a good opening, and we're convinced that this extra supply could boost competitiveness and drive prices down further soon.


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  1. Currently, I do not use NVME drives for large installations (games and the like), also because of the price, but also because I prefer to use NVME as a system drive and less for installations - for this purpose it does not need more than 1 terra max

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