New performance tests shed light on the Radeon RX 480 and the Radeon RX 470

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Results of the new pair of models from Came to the database of the various 3DMark tests and showed us which ones We can expect prices of 200 dollars and less in the new era

By the end of the month, we are supposed to get all the technical details and maybe even get a real buy opportunity, but in the meantime we have to continue relying on leaks and semi-official details about the new and intriguing video cards of , Which promise to make its revolution in the mid-low market was needed.

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Based on new results for the 3DMark Fire Strike and 3DMark 11 test databases, and based on data officially noted by AMD itself In a presentation presented to the world a few days ago, On sites Compose a profile for the RX 480 and RX 470, which helps us better understand the level of performance we're supposed to get from them.


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As you can see, the RX 480, at the price of 200 to 230 dollars depending on the amount of graphics memory, purports to provide a performance level close to that of the GeForce GTX 980 and the X- Fury Nano - a pair launched at prices above $ 500 (!!). This is a huge change, as is the RX 470 based on the same core 10, appears to be a video card that can deliver more than 80 of the performance of the RX 480, at a price that is likely to be only $ 170-150.

We also received a bonus by comparing the expected performance from the Radeon RX 480M, which would ostensibly be equivalent to The Radeon RX 460 desktop, And will offer a performance level similar to that of mobile gaming models Of the previous generation, with less than half the power.


The official specification of , From which data were derived that are supposed to attest to the performance of the new graphics cores

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The end of June will be very interesting for the world of graphic processing - we have no doubt about it. See more updates from us soon.