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AMD confirms - new powerful video cards are in our programs

Despite the significant focus on the interim market in recent times - the chip development CEO makes it clear that cores More powerful are under development

After three waves of video card launches for the mainstream market and industrial silence reverberate when it comes to high market products - many have begun to wonder whether modern Navi architecture from home At 7 Nm is actually adjusted to all levels and all price levels, or the company's early statements and hopes on the subject were not very accurate.

With the relative failure of the Radeon Vega models somewhere in mid-2017 and the conversion of the Vega architecture into a recent production process with the Radeon VII almost a year ago that failed to gain momentum as well - AMD remains unanswered for products Price categories in excess of $ 300 in the graphics processing market, with this monopoly not a particularly healthy situation for consumers and herself. Add to this the fresh announcement of the Ryzen 4000 models to the mobile market which continue to be based on cores (Upgraded 7 nm lithography, it is worth mentioning) and you received additional raw material for various rumors and prophecies about the potential of .

We haven't seen the best yet Offer - although it is unclear whether this will happen within the RDNA architecture or within its Enhanced Inheritance

To our delight, an up-to-date official reference from Doctor Lisa Sue is coming to the cause, Event journalist questions and answers Held after the company's press conference at CES 2020 - with the promise that There will indeed be high market models that are based on At one point or another.

To- Expect some more official launches this year in the mobile market - let's hope there is more news in the stationary world during 2020 (even without Lisa Sue's commitment on the subject)

We have no way of assessing or even guessing what the performance of such products will be at this time (we previously received requests from Sapphire for commercial registration for both Radeon RX 5800 and Radeon RX 5900 cards) - but our key question is whether the launch will occur before You will be able to bring to the market its next-generation models based on 7-nm architectures. To the extent that we can probably see real significant competition in the category here, for a change - but if so Delay in carrying out its green competitor task may find itself once again in a solid transport position and no real risk.

CEO Added another juicy statement - with the promise that we will get first products based on the architecture 3 in the current year. Want to guess which family they will belong to?

Agree with us, or are convinced that 2020 will be the year of flowering No matter the other players' counter-attempts? Let's share in the comments.

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