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A new roadmap for AMD

And now for interpretation…

For the server market:

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God- MP is supposed to move to the Thoroughbred core, where all the improvement (as far as I know) is just work on the 0.13 micron, which is supposed to reduce CPU heat. You can also see that only next year you can expect the Barton MP core with 2K L512 Cache. In the slightly further future (next year ..) we should see the SledgeHammer MP and the ClawHammer DP.

For the home market:

Athlon: As in the server market, here too one can expect the T-Bred core soon, and here too, all the improvement is in work on 0.13 Micron (hope this helps Ablocklocking. As you can see, we (the home market), will see Burton's core with the 4K Cache half a year before the server market… .

Duron:It seems that the Dioron will not change for a long time… will only soon be moving to the Appaloosa core (where are those names ?!) that gives work on 0.13 Micron and that is it… if the market does not require it will not change at all.

For the mobile market:

Athlon: This is probably the most uninteresting market there is ... Again, the core is soon moving to T-Bred at 0.13 Micron, and then at the end of the year you will move to Burton to bring us Cache's 512K.

Duron: As in the home market, even the core here will only move to Apalosa that will issue 0.13 microns and that's it….

The most interesting thing about the mobile market is that even at the beginning of 2003 we will probably see the ClawHammer starring in it as well ... It will be interesting.


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