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New Site Review - ThermalTake Extreme Volcano 12

good evening,
A short while ago, a new review of the field that we had not dealt with in the past, the field of cooling devices in general and cooling bodies in particular, has become increasingly competitive as time passes as new refrigeration devices enter the market.
This makes it difficult for manufacturers of cooling products and they are forced to invest much more effort in product development and originality in order to attract buyers.

ThermalTake is a company that continuously manufactures refrigeration plants along with other products it manufactures (packages, water cooling kits, etc.). Recently, the company has increased the pace and released a wide range of cooling systems, the most recent of which is the Extreme Volcano 12, Criticism.
The heat sink is the last word in the air cooling field for K7 processors (at least as much as Tt has to offer) and boasts a three-stroke fan (which, according to the company, avoids air turbulence and optimizes cooling) and a massive copper body, The hottest.

The new review by Omri Fima comes to examine whether ThermalTake's new product meets the expectations that the company has built for itself in light of its record in manufacturing refrigeration units, and whether it is a worthwhile purchase for those who are looking for quiet, not very animal cooling.

Quote from the review:

"This version also underwent a number of upgrades, which were unfortunately spared the transition from the Volcano 9 to Volcano 11. Although, like the Volcano 7 cooling bodies and all that followed, the Volcano 12 is also built in the standard base of copper and fins. .
This time the heat sink gained a significant copper addition, and now weighs about 708 grams including a fan (!) Vs. 450 grams that weighed Volcano 11. "



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