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A new world record from HWzone.co.il

August 2005 user Tycoon From our forum broke the world record for Pentium 4 630 processor and reached the frequency of 5.5GHz. Two months later, an overclocking and cooling forum was held by Benny Ronen SubX, Broke the world record for the Athlon XP processor when it reached the FSB frequency of 286MHz.
And now, a year and a half later, a world record has been broken by the overclocking and cooling forum, and this time it is Guy Ziskind (GGuyZ). He did this on a system with the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor (also called QX6700), which is a quad core processor from Intel, where each core has an original 2.66GHz frequency.
The QX6700 processor, along with the ASUS ROG Commando motherboard, and air cooling only, with Guy's help, reached the maximum and unstable frequency of 4241MHz - so unstable it was impossible to do a screen print and to record the overclocking Photograph by camera.
The maximum frequency in which it was possible to photograph the screen and even Perform authentication The CPU-Z is 4171MHz - the world record for this processor on air cooling.
At the frequency of 4101MHz it was even possible to run SuperPI 1M:
All of this was done with the cooling of the Themaltake BigTyphoon, when we added two more 120 fans in addition to the one already in. The Overclocking was done at a very high voltage of 1.735V with a huge 0.115V loss, and the temperatures were still reasonable relative to the CPU speed - up to 75.
Also, the world record has been added to the OCDB system and only waiting for you to break it - For a project in the OCDB system.

Here are some pictures from the system that broke the record:

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