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Noctua introduces ultra quiet cooling systems

The Austrian company has recently unveiled a particularly quiet fan, which is based on Unique 'ANC'Which can calm the noise emitted from the fan in a rather noticeable way
CPU coolers have already been released to see In quantities But it seems that the many manufacturers who focus on the field do not stop launching new types of solutions Advanced. The next line to expose the new cooling products is the company 'Noctua'Which besides its regular products, has also introduced an experimental model fan based on Quite ambitious.
This is a prototype model fan 'NF-F12' Which uses the'ANC' (MT Active Noise Cancellation) That can significantly reduce noise from the fan. In the exhibition Computex At its booth, the company presented the heat sink with a microphone recording the noise from the back. The microphone is connected to a special external controller, which processes the incoming noise and, as a result, calculates the sound frequency to be produced in order for the sound of the fan to decrease. Indeed, this is an innovative and creative technology: when the method used by the company to produce this opposite sound is also interesting and innovative in itself. Here is a video of the technology in action:

The fan itself, the company explains, includes a coil in which an electric current passes, creating a magnetic field in a few points. When the blade of the fan passes over a point where a magnetic field passes, it bends slightly - at a speed of thousands of rpm, the minimum bending movements of the blades are sufficient to produce a noise that is opposite to the noise the fan emits. The company has been able to remove from the 120 2500 rotary fan at a speed of 20 decibels from the noise emitted by the X-ANC. Unfortunately, this is only a prototype of the heat sink, as I have claimed Noctua It will not start selling in the markets in the near future, but only in another year (at least), since the product development process is not yet over. Even when the product is launched in a few years, it should be noted, viewers at a company whose price will be several times higher than the price of a standard fan.

The model prototype of the NF-F12 fan, which uses the ANC technology Industrial fans of , Which include bearings for work even under wet conditions

The company also unveiled fans that include special bearings that can work under extreme moisture and dirt conditions - but they are cooling solutions designed for industrial consumers only and not for the average user. Besides, it launched Noctua Also cooling devices designed for processors and-AMD, A series of fixtures Which offer improved air flow and various bodies designed to work with 120, 140 and 92 fans.


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  1. The idea itself is not new
    And it is implemented, for example, in huge combinations, producing thousands of decibels, to prevent damage to the hearing of the operators on it.
    The use of sound waves in order to minimize noise has long been invented, but the method is certainly interesting and unique. The question of whether the idea will really go up enough, and does not detract from the cooling efficiency ... But that will tell for days.

  2. Thousands of decibels?
    A cannon shot produces 160-180 decibels (unfortunately I was once exposed to such short-range and no-defense noise - like hammering a head on the head). The maximum noise in the air is 194 decibel.

    In any case - noise reduction solutions by bracketing exist for many years but are not always easy to implement. When the noise is monotonous and has slightly dominant frequencies (as in the case of a fan) then the task is easier.

  3. CBS 2
    You're lucky you didn't hear more from 120 DB to 5 10 seconds is dangerous so products should not go through 100 110 as well as catchers and places if music is obliged to put a noise meter that would otherwise limit this amount of money and you can process the business license then why The army and the artillery are underestimating its soldiers No wonder many do not want to be in this soldier because it has hurt them hearing and the army has no solution

  4. I had to
    Just doubles from that annoying and annoying noise that their fans have got good, quiet fans, it's garbage to me I've had good fans for a couple of years now and haven't had such annoying beeping noise and don't need particularly electrical pulses to have a controller controlling the fan or a board that controls the fan and I have a fan Very powerful of 100CFM not the fan 20CFM of the processor and then there is no problem and do not need it

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