Not only Intel is having trouble: 10 nanometer chips may reach us late

A new report also states that Are finding it difficult to produce innovative chips at an appropriate scale - and it is quite possible that Samsung also has similar problems

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Just yesterday we reported to you about the plans of the central Taiwan chip maker To invest a huge amount of money in the construction of factories to manufacture chips of the future in about five years or more from this moment, emphasizing the great potential risk involved in the process - and now comes the report that helps to prove and clarify the challenges faced by various chip manufacturers around the world, Primitive "at almost the same time as the production of 5 nanometers and 3 nanometers.

According to popular news site digitimes, TSMC now face significant problems with mass production in an innovative process of 10 nanometers - when the quality and standard chips production is lower than forecast, and jeopardizes the ability to provide the scope, the company has committed to its customers, which include today's Mediatek chipset developer HiSilicon The chips for Huawei - and especially Apple, which relied on the company's services for the chips - A10X and A11, for its next iPad and iPhone devices, respectively.

Apple's new devices will be delayed?
New handsets Will they be delayed?

TSMC's problems are very reminiscent of the company's problems Over the past two years, as part of its efforts to bring about the development and commercial production of 10 nanomaterials, which has led to significant delays and changes in its schedules, with the fourth generation of chips Which seems to be expecting us in 2018 as well, compared to two or two-and-a-half-year rounds of production technologies that the giant company has successfully offered in the past.

The chip maker is determined to present business as usual, despite the rumors
The chip maker is determined to present business as usual, despite the rumors

B- But the positive reputation of the source makes us believe that there is no smoke without fire, and even if not all the details are accurate, the very unexpected challenge of mass production does exist.

Another company that has experienced problems and challenges in transition to 10 is nm , The production partner of TSMC, which will be responsible for the production of innovative Snapdragon 835 chips . According to the report, Qualcomm also planned to launch new intermediate chips 600 based on the production process of 10 nm during the year of 2017, but the uncertainty about the volume of chip output led them to make a program change and prefer the process of production of the Korean giant in -, Which is expected to reach very good maturity during the coming year after a year and a half in which it is available for mass commercial products.

Samsung also has difficulty in the same technological field?
Samsung also has difficulty in the same technological field?

All of these problems may lead to delays in the launch of new leading smart products or, alternatively, to a situation where there is a shortage of these products due to production that can not support the demand - but it is clear that the first 10 nm products And from TSMC, will come to us sometime in the first half of 2017, and all we have to do is wish that such delays, if they occur, will help us receive products that meet the high expectations for improvement And improved efficiency, rather than "compromise" products that reached the market before their technology became fully mature.