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Not waiting for launch: Intel's next generation is successfully launched into 5.5GHz

Laboratory- The octagonal octagon looks very impressive on the web, even before it was officially presented and before we received the octagonal panels, Leading for it

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There is more than a month to the moment when full official details of the 9000 generation of the Core processors from home are apparently heard But somewhere in the world, there are already people who are experimenting with these products of the future, it seems - and sometimes even sharing the web with their findings, ignoring the information available on the subject.

Users in China have been able to obtain an engineering sample of the Core i7-9700K processor (typically a final version of the final version but operate at slightly more modest frequencies), which will offer eight processing cores for the first time outside the HEDT models , And successfully convert it to a massive 5.5GHz frequency for all cores thanks to CCTV - which certainly indicates good potential for buyers, perhaps thanks to the use of soldering between the chips and its protective cover instead of a simple thermal adhesive.

From the first list of many who will arrive?

What is surprising is not only the frequency of work, but also the fact that the result was achieved on a relatively old and relatively simple Z370 board - when faced with Z390 boards that were pre-designed for full and high-quality 8 cores electrical support will be likely to achieve results Even more impressive.

Nice to know - this is our first glimpse into the chipset-based motherboard , Courtesy of the site Videocardz of course

Not relevant enough for you? There is also information about pre-order prices i7-9700K and his brother- i9-9900K, which are priced in European stores at initial prices of 440 Euros and 560 Euros respectively, including the equivalent of VAT.

There are already prices in all kinds of corners on the net - though we really hope they are higher than the official ones that will be revealed down the road

It is not at all certain that these will be the official final prices in Europe (there are several online stores that have actually set higher prices), but it probably gives us some idea of ​​Intel's plans, Which sells its leading cores for just over $ 300. It is hard to believe that Intel will choose to compete directly with 7 when it comes to price and will be closer to competition with models The 12 Cores - a battle that will be a replay of the power relations between the two actresses last year.


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    1. cinabench does not show the current frequency of the processor even when it is cleared for some reason… what can you see in cpu-z the frequency of the processor 5553.73MHz

  1. Although all the cores work at this speed but the capillaries are off, with working capillaries it will not be possible to reach that speed.

  2. A Spanish site managed to get the 9700K and publish its review.

    The review is not the most professional in my opinion but what is interesting is that they managed to get only to 5.0 GHZ for all cores in OC.

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