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Now in stores: tiny computers with the first 10 nanometer processor of its kind in Intel

The modest and only Cannon Lake model launched a few months ago joins the Cannon Lake family, Of Intel

A few months ago was observed in the Far East Unexpected launch - Modest dual-core portable processor Core i3-8121U, Which was different from all other Core family models of the eighth generation because it was based on the first production process of At 10 Nm, instead of the third roll of the 14 Nm known production process.

It was an experimental balloon on the chipmaker, perhaps one designed to realize the company's promise to investors to bring 10 nm processors to the market commercially during 2018 - and naturally it sparked quite a bit of interest among hardware enthusiasts, as a small clue to what we expect later down the road with generation generation 10 nm second, which should already be translated into a full and complete line of For all categories and price levels.

After coming to laptops, the "rare" chip of the This year comes to the West on desktop computers

Now we all seem to have the opportunity to get to know the Core i3-8121U more closely - because it becomes part of the popular NUC family of As part of two dedicated sub-models that have already reached online stores overseas.

The Crimson Canyon miniature saloon computer comes in a pre-assembled set that also includes its own operating system, unlike other NUC models that are usually offered in "naked" versions without a storage drive or dynamic memory. In both existing models you will find the processor in question with a pair of physical cores and a couple of logical cores, at frequencies between 2.2GHz and 3.2GHz and with 4MB of cache - along with a separate dedicated Radeon 540 graphics core , Because the i3-8121U does not include Built-in graphic is active.

Computers The first ones with 10 nm chips come in stores only in the enlarged configuration - with 2.5-inch drives that increase in height compared to other models based on M.2 products only

One model of the new computer offers 4GB of the XD-NXUMXMHz LPDDR4 memory and the second model 2,666GB, but the specifications are the same and include one terabyte hard drive, 8 Home Edition, Wireless-AC 9560 for Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet based on controller from , Four USB connections 3.1 Gen X.1 in the Type-A configuration, an HDMI 2.0a video port pair and an additional 2 M.80 connector for SSDs or Optane family accelerators .

The price is certainly not cheap, although NUC's series It never aimed at the most competitive prices in the field of miniature computers

These unique computers are also available American Amazon, Without the possibility of direct shipping to Israel at this time - and also on the international site of the Newegg store, there Model with 4GB of dynamic memory It will cost you NIS 2,327 including VAT and shipping to the country, while Modeled with 8GB of RAM Will cost NIS 2,568. Worth it or not - it's already a decision you are invited to make in your own comments.


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