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It's now official: Geforce RTX 2060 has been cut in price

Many predicted that The standard 2060 retires with the launch of the Super version, but thanks to the new competition it not only stays in place - but also receives a significant price drop

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Competition for the gamers' heart continues with AMD and That produce the most popular graphics card graphics cores today. The $ 250-300 scene of video cards is one of the most respected and biggest in recent years thanks to cost-benefit ratios produced In this range.

The success of video cards such as Geforce GTX 1060 and more recently GTX 1660 tell a lot about the potential of the same market share before a gamer had to make another budget jump to enjoy the $ 400 models like RX 5700 XT and 2060 Super.

RX 5600 XT of a company - Launch soon

Next week is going to release a new video card market on behalf of 5600GB RX 6 XT and performance… you know when the various reviews come up. The goal is mainly to take the GTX 1660 Super market analyst and his brother to the GTX 16 series, which dominates the $ 200 to $ 280 range. With a typical $ 330-350 cost to the Geforce RTX 2060 so far, at $ 279, The RX 5600 XT can find comfort as a card that may be slightly weaker but significantly cheaper.

Do not want to give up the title "King of the Middle Market" - 2060

Well, Doing something rare to see her do - And officially decides to lower the basic price of the Geforce RTX 2060 to $ 299 In order to place competition on RX 5600 XT. As a result, we get a significant difference between the standard model and the Super model 2060:

  • מחיר The GTX 1660 is $ 219
  • מחיר The GTX 1660 Super is $ 249
  • מחיר The RX 5600 XT is $ 279
  • מחיר 2060 is $ 299
  • מחיר The RX 5700 is $ 329
  • מחיר The RX 5700 XT is $ 399
  • מחיר The 2060 Super is $ 399

The middle market is getting denser than it ever was, and all that remains to know where the balance of power is is to wait a few days for reviews The various RX 5600 XT. Long live the competition.

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