The time has come: From now on you can upgrade your drives on your new MacBooks. * HWzone

The time has come: from now on you can upgrade your drives on your new MacBooks

The American company OWC, which specializes in the manufacture of hardware products for the products of the giant Copretino offers drives Dedicated to upgrading the latest MacBook computers , But it is not at all certain that the mother will be worth the considerable investment

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The closed garden that Apple is constantly developing and developing gives it several options to offer features that do not really exist with other manufacturers, but this approach also sometimes creates unpleasant problems and limitations - and one example is the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. The company, which was upgraded to drives Based interface dedicated to the PCI-Express line during the year of 2013, but did not allow consumers to replace the upgraded storage (if you do not consider the sale of drives For the simple reason that no manufacturer in the market was able to offer products that would support the competing standard of the popular M.2.

Now, it seems that the American OWC is The first to break the siege - and offers new drives that join its Aura series, and are designed specifically for those models of laptops, which to date could only upgrade their built-in volume with the purchase status at Itself, and with 200 $ grandiose price additions for moving from 128GB to 256GB, about 300 dollars to double the extra volume of 512GB - and about 500 dollars to reach the volume Of terabytes, which was available only on the Pro.


However, while Apple's self-drives were based on controllers The new pair of OWC drives, offered in 480GB and 960GB volumes, is based on a pair of basic SM2256 controllers that work together based on a communications bridge, which will probably result in lower quality performance and eliminates support for TRIM and -SMART. At a recommended price of about $ 350 for the 480GB volume and $ 600 for the 960GB model, this is only slightly more expensive than the Itself and is a double addition (!) Compared to standard M.2 drives in similar volumes.

The drives will be either sold separately, or as part of a chassis that includes a number of screws required for the actual replacement - and an external enclosure that makes the original SSD of the laptop a kind of fast external hard drive based on the Lightning connection
The drives will be offered for sale individually, or as part of a chassis that includes a number of screwdrivers required for actual replacement - and an external chassis that makes the drive Of the laptop to a kind of fast external hard drive that is based on the Lightning connection

In the final analysis, the new drives may be suitable for those who desperately need to inflate Larger in Their Air and are willing to invest all the resources required - but they mainly remind us that Apple needs to make the full transition to regular M.2 connections as soon as possible, for its benefit and the masses of its loyal consumers.

Interesting solution - but we're still convinced that Apple needs to join the rivals in the M.2 kingdom as soon as possible


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  1. Just a pity you are deceived here, a person with an Air Bottle can't upgrade anything, the storage is soldered to the board. Only the pro model can remove the drive, in which case the provided drive performs much better.

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