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Now on the net: NVM drives at the lowest price to date

You have not yet graduated Fast from the New Age? The prices are better than ever before and make the option the most attractive

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The first QLC drives from the company (And the first in the home market based on This, in general, continues to show us its great potential, with competitive prices that quickly reduce the gap from the base prices of traditional and slower SATA drives.

Now, at Amazon, you can purchase the 660p chip maker, in the interface of M.2, of course, at a final price of 81.43 dollars, including shipping to Israel (without the need to pay VAT) For 512GB volume, Which are only NIS 300 - and at the same time The terabyte model Reaches a price of 149.44 USD only, including VAT and shipping to Israel, which is approximately NIS 545.

The best price we've seen for a drive To date - and performance is superior to that of most SATA drives in almost all parameters

is also The Intel 660p model is an impressive 2 terabyte Received a significant cut, and can now be purchased at the price of 289.6 dollars total-all-inclusive, ie 1,050 shekels - compared to the operational price of 1,065 shekels For the drive Available at the.

If you are interested in a more traditional TLC-based drive, along with a Phison E12 controller capable of delivering maximum performance with continuous transfer speeds of more than 3,000MBps - Silicon Power's 512GB model Also available is one cent just below the VAT exemption threshold in Amazon, at a final price of $ 82.22 including shipping, which translates to a little over NIS 300.

This model of Silicon Power is receiving positive reviews from Amazon's buyers - despite the company's controversial reputation in the past

How much more can we see the price level drop below the current one, not really known - but we'll keep track of you and keep you updated on all the impressive deals out there!


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  1. The drives with the slightly delayed QLC. With a half-terabyte volume of 100 Mega Speed ​​per second + Cash SLC of about 20GB at high speed. Once the cache runs out of backup / restore or installation on these disks, it finishes very slowly. Speed ​​does not drop to 500. That's not the right direction of the market, and it's a shame.

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