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Now on the Net: 3TB External and Compact Hard Drive at no VAT

After the large 3.5 inch external drives - the 2.5 inch drives come to enjoy prices that are very hard to ignore

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Hardware Lovers, Time to Wake Up: Drive Another with the best ratio of storage volume to price lands on Amazon, waiting just for you on the online platform.

Western Digital Elements Portable Mechanical Drive Introduced in 2017 Compact 2.5 Compact, with 21 Millimeter Thickness, Matte Black Tone Design, Compatibility for Work with PC-Based And MacOS-based computers (after formatting to the appropriate file system) and 3 terabytes of volume - dropped to its lowest base price to date, only 72 dollars. Together with the additional shipping price, you receive a cost of about NIS 290, including the addition of a conversion fee of one percent of the entire transaction value.

Additional details and purchase:

3TB compact external drive at great price

Western Digital Elements Model for Black 3.0 USB, Black Tone and 3 Terabyte Volume Available at VAT-Free, Now in American Amazon

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290 ש"ח

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True, we have already seen drives The volume of 4 terabytes are available for less than $ 75 on Amazon - but if you are interested in both the volume and the most compact dimensions, this model of WD is by far one of the best deals you can find on the market today, and is a discount of almost NIS X! ) From the prices of the same model at local stores in the country.

One of the biggest volumes to drive 2.5 inch configuration that you can find on the market - now down sharply thanks to no need for Israeli VAT

It is not known how much stock is left to put up at the current discounted price and when the celebration will end and the price will jump up again - so we strongly recommend examining, considering and purchasing the product, if you decide that it is what you need, as soon as possible. Successfully!

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