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Micron SSD drives at great deals

Original article: Whether you need an 2.5-inch SATA drive or you need a medium-sized, compact NVMe drive - for the Micron has something to offer you

The low British pound rate relative to the Israeli shekel continues to provide us with fast-paced opportunities to replenish hardware - this in the context of a transversal price cut for Micron's storage products under the Its what we found at Amazon UK.

Please note that in order to enjoy the cheapest prices, with a reduced shipping cost, you will need to have a monthly Amazon Prime subscription - which you can sign up for a trial month (if you have not done so before) Link below.

One of the most popular SATA models on the market, which enjoys an impressive reputation among consumers

The USB drive The famous MX 500, in a nice volume of 2 terabytes and in its traditional 2.5 inch configuration, with a balance of performance, reliability and efficiency which makes it quite suitable for both desktop and PCs , Available for purchase for 199.56 pounds including Israeli VAT and home delivery - meaning 855 is calculated at the level of one percent of the transaction value available in a number of different credit cards offered in the country.

Additional details and purchase:

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Not everyone is interested in drives Based on chips Declared longevity with respect to TLC chips - but it's hard to argue with the very cheap prices they provide us

Need an NVMe drive that doesn't tear the performance tables but also doesn't tear the pocket from the other side? The Crucial P1, the twin brother of the 660p from home Based on up-to-date dense QLC chips, 56.73 Pounds is offered for home delivery - about NIS 245 less than 50 per gallon of GB Which you get.

Additional details and purchase:

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The bargain for the 1GB Volume P500 joins an even more impressive deal for one terabyte brother - available for purchase at a final price of 95.6 pounds including VAT and shipping, 410 NIS, which is at least NIS 100 off current prices in Israel.

Additional details and purchase:

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updating: Also the 660p model of In the size of 512GB, the brother of the P1 is offered at a lower price than usual on Amazon United States - only NIS 235 including home delivery.

Additional details and purchase:

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