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Now on the net: Radeon RX 580 at a surprising price

updating: The operation on the GTX 1070 ended quickly, as expected, with the completion of existing inventory The operation for the Asus Radeon RX 580 model Still exists, for those interested.

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Original article: Amazon offers a nice video card from home The price is especially winking, for the quick decision between you

Is the "sales sales" season of video cards from the Pascal section of the Coming? Not really sure - but as of now you have a golden opportunity to get the " GTX 1070 at a price which is more similar to that of the G- GTX 1060.

Amazon USA now offers the SCGA Gaming Black Edition from EVGA, 1,784MHz, at a price of 289 USD only, meaning 160 is less than the recommended cost with which it has been launched and which is the subject to date - and together with 67 for the added VAT and delivery to your home, the total cost is less than 1,300 .

NIS 1,300 - compared to NIS 2,100 for the same level In local stores

This is a price lower than NIS 300 at least from any other GTX 1070 we have met in the market to date, and we can only warmly recommend the purchase to anyone interested in quality gaming capabilities under 1080p resolution and even 1440p resolution before the existing inventory is hijacked and the price will rise again. Successfully!

Want a graphics card for gaming that will be even cheaper and equally worthwhile? You can also purchase Radeon RX 580 from Asus With 4GB of GDDR5 memory for a total price of 231.7 USD, or less than 850. Unfortunately, this model does not participate in the free games initiative of , But even without them is a tin that is very hard to find similar to it on the net.

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