The specification of the air-cooled Radeon Fury is exposed to HWzone
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The specification of the air-cooled Radeon Fury is exposed

Fury X's small and friable brother will be launched in about a week, and we get almost full details of the features he will bring with him to fight the GTX 980

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We have not gotten used to the Radeon Fury X already here And ready to give significant Fite the best of NVIDIA, and around the corner we are already awaiting the launch of another intriguing new model - The Radeon Fury "Standard", Which will arrive in 14 per month Give battle to other Maxwell 2.0 models. New reporting From the website tweaktown offers a first look at the almost complete technical specification of the graphics card in the pipeline.

The Radeon Fury will also be based on the new Fijian core, this time with 3,584 processing units and 224 compatible texture units, which should still operate at a base frequency of 1,050 MHz the same as we have seen At Radeon Fury X. The innovative HBM memory capacity should also remain 4GB as in the older brother, with the same base frequency of 500 MHz and an effective 1,000 MHz frequency that provides a huge bandwidth of 512 / Gbps. Unlike the X models, The standard Fury will be based on more traditional air coolers, although it may still be relatively cool, with the source indicating a target temperature of less than 75 at 1 ° C during effort.

Will this be the missing link in the AMD chain? Source:
Will this be the missing link in the AMD chain?

All these details should eventually give us a product that will perform fairly close to the leading Fury X with a reduction of approximately 12.5 to 15 due to the reduction of one-eighth of the core units in the Fiji core. If this is indeed the case, the Fury will be very competitive against The GeForce GTX 980, Which offers performance of about 15 to 20 percent less From GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

Competition in this case will ride Especially on the price, When AMD will be able to surprise with lower price For the Fury versus the GTX 980, which will create a new equation in the higher market, or prefer a higher starting price based on Better (if any) - or choose the desired option and compare power ratios in this category as well, with a recommended base price of 500 dollars.

However, in the case of the standard Radeon Fury, the competition will be much more intriguing, because this time (unlike the state of the water-cooled Fury X) AMD will allow video card manufacturers to make adjustments and changes to their liking - which will create competition not only between The Fury for GTX 980 at a glance, but between Specific models For each of the cards that each will come with potential And its own performance, and pricing is different.

There seems to be a high probability that the " Fury based air coolers will come with a significantly larger printed circuit than the Fury X has The water - at least in some of its models, will need the surface area to provide body Great and effective

Will the real competition in the graphics processing market come from the 500 dollar? In the meantime, that sounds perfectly possible, at least on paper - and in just over a week we'll get the official and final answer in question.

Upgraded Fury models, such as the STRIX model in the picture, have already begun to pop up in various corners of the net - proving that in this case there will be no AMD design limit, as in the case of the Fury X
Upgraded models of the Fury, like the STRIX model in the picture, have already started popping up in all kinds of corners on the grid - proving that in this case there will be no design limit on the part , As in the case of the Fury X


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  1. For this card to be relevant it must be 15% faster than 980 Reference.
    Otherwise, AMD will also launch a card that will be shuffled with one price-performance advantage and that's it.
    I stopped expecting them to give real Fayette to NV.

  2. Smaller than FURY-X, which is probably an edge version. Guess there will be others with shorter cooling. Otherwise it's a great miss

  3. I believe we will see great cooling in STRIX as well.
    To say that a big air cooler for a ticket aimed at the top market is a misspile ... ahmmmm I don't look like that.

    The "gamers" population see a clear tendency for "shoplifters" in their / our systems and with a price tag that seems reasonable to me….
    I think AMD did some homework (except for the 300 series in this context) :-)

  4. The "gamers" population sees a clear tendency of "shoplifters" in their / our systems and with a price tag that seems reasonable to me ....

    I think AMD did some homework (except for the 300 series in this context) :-)

    it does not work for me. AMD took pride in some smaller FURY-X compared to 290X and presented it as an advantage and accomplishment (which is a fool in my opinion - when included in the cooling, and it is impossible not to, it is larger and takes up a much larger volume than 290X)
    A small card will fit more popular types of enclosures, HTPC or mITX, allowing better airflow for those with no space restrictions.
    This is only more significant when it comes to the array - there are cards whose (large) size is a disadvantage if you want to put 2 or more pieces together.
    The "shopkeeper" is with lights and colors, etc., not recognizing that a company is pulling out a bigger physical card because it looks better.

  5. The FURY X card is small, even if its water cooling does not approach the size of the 390X and most chassis today has a water cooling location, even in SFF enclosures.
    About this card, we will probably also see much shorter versions, in the end a third of this cooling is not really on the card…

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