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NVIDIA's economic performance: Revenues are rising, but not everything glows

The chipmaker from Santa Clara experienced another quality quarter, but was forced to hit its profit line following the failure of the application of modem modems

About a month after its central rival AMD, also develops chips Has unveiled its financial statements for the second fiscal quarter of the fiscal year 2016 (in other words, for April-July and 2015).

There is no argument that the economic performance of the Are significantly better than those of the C-, But also in this case there is disappointment that hurts the bottom line. In terms of revenue, the quarter in question was very positive for the company, which recorded revenues of 1,153 million, representing an increase of 5% from the same period in 2014.

Business cards for iphone Continued to flourish with total revenues of 959 million, representing an increase of 9 per cent over the same quarter last year, and covering lower revenues from the chip- Which are in the midst of a significant transition from the world of smartphones and tablets to the world of fixed consoles, and especially the world of the vehicle.

The previous quarter could have been very good for NVIDIA, had it not erased its value in Icera's name - however, the company does not dwell too much on past glitches and expect continued growth, but will continue in the next quarter.
NVIDIA's graphics card business is stronger than ever Source: anandtech.com
Business cards for iphone Stronger than ever
Source: anandtech.com

Despite all this - the net profit of Quarterly was set at only 26 million (compared to 128 million at that time in 2014). This is due to a significant loss of 90 million dollars from the acquisition of the British mobile modem developer Icera, four years ago. A little simpler terms - in Admit that that purchase actually failed, and now Icera's technology for implementing software modems based on standard ARM hardware (unlike separate dedicated hardware on "standard" modems) is worth only a fraction of what it paid for Previously.

An innovative idea that we may not actually see
An innovative idea that we may no longer be able to see in practice, which is a shame

It's a shame to see such a promising technology "going to waste", but given the departure of The smartphone world, which began a year ago, apparently is not too hard for it, and in the long term it will continue to improve its revenues and profits based on the old and new markets in which it pretends to position itself as an undisputed leader.

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