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NVIDIA's freshest graphics cards, now at competitive prices in Amazon (updated)

The GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 models are sold online with hundreds of shekels less than in Israel, and there is also an interesting deal for the GTX 970 for those who do not want to wait for stabilization

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Pascal's advanced generation Is already here with us officially, although at prices that are difficult to digest in most cases - even if you consider the improvement in performance and efficiency it provides.

Those who feel that prices in Israel are high in a way that can not be ignored, are invited to take a look at the offers currently available in Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.

The AMP! Of Zotac for the GeForce GTX 1070 Is sold at a cost of approximately 502 per Euro, including taxes and direct delivery to Israel, translated into NIS 2,170, which is a reduction of almost NIS 400 compared to the lowest costs of the GTX 1070 here in the Holy Land. (updating: It appears that the price of this model has increased, and is no longer available for shipping to Israel, apparently due to the completion of existing inventory).


Those who prefer the GeForce GTX 1070 Founder's Edition can purchase the The Zotac model At a total price of 414 British Pound, which, as a result of the weakening of the currency, is now translated into NIS 2,150, The Superclocked EVGA model for the GTX 1070 Sold at the price of about 421 pounds including taxes and shipping, which are about 2,190 NIS.


Those interested in one of the largest and most advanced, the GeForce GTX 1080, can consider the purchase of His Superclocked model, of course EVGA, At a total cost of about 599 Pounds, which is about 3,110 NIS, which is about NIS 400 lower than the price of the cheapest GTX 1080 models in stores in Israel.


It should be noted that the inventories of the models in question are very limited, and therefore the actual arrival of the product is expected to occur only in a month or two from today, although the relatively attractive prices should be maintained.

If you are not willing to wait for the arrival of the new models and are not interested in waiting patiently for a drop in prices to a level that will be truly competitive - you can consider the offer of Amazon France, On the Asus STRIX model for the GeForce GTX 970 card, Which is sold at about EUR 300 including taxes and shipping to Israel (apparently in the framework of the official price reduction announced by it ), As 1,300 NIS, which is a discount of over NIS 400 compared to the price of this model here in Israel, and significantly lower than the price of the GTX 1070 that will inherit it. (updating: The price of this model also rose to about EUR 340, which makes the deal much less worthwhile naturally).

As always - remember that it is necessary to change the settings of The base currency of the credit card you are with The payment to a currency that matches the specific store you are buying (EUR or British Pound in this case), in order to avoid double conversion fees that will cause the price to grow by a few tens of additional shekels. Enjoy!


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  1. אני מנסה לרכות את הZOTAC אבל רשום שאין שילוח לישראל…

  2. אלצקו נראה לי לפעמים שאתם שלוחה של אמזון..
    כך ההרגשה בכל אופן.
    אני מאוד אוהב את הכתבות שלכם, אבל הן ממש מעטות וגם הרבה מהן פרסומות של מוצרים שמגיעים מאמזון.
    זה קצת, איך לומר.. לא..

  3. רק סבלנות…!
    סבלנות סבלנות… לא קונים בשום חנות.
    ידידה זקוקה למחשב לעבודה (6850 + 1080+ 3000MHZ 32)
    בחישוב מהיר עם ספק 750W
    ועם מארז R5 שקט יצא בסביבות ה 11Kש"ח
    אמרתי לה חכי חודשיים.

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