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Freeze hardware announcements: NVIDIA is again changing its plans

After eliminating the physical GTC event and converting it to a virtual event - the green chip developer rejects planned announcements and will settle for modest online lessons for professionals

The Corona epidemic continues to hit the world countries and requires technology companies to repeatedly adapt their plans to the simple reality: now this In a condensed statement, it is clear that the present time is simply not suitable for new technology announcements.

Original NVIDIA design The first GTC (GPU Technology Conference) GTC event in 2020 was held in Silicon Valley between March 22 and March 26, but early concerns about COVID-19 began to arise and prompted the company to respond quickly. And announce that the public conference will replace a virtual conference to be broadcast live, With most of the content and announcements originally designed.

GTC is moving to digital - with no new announcements that should have been very significant to the company

Several weeks have passed, and now that everyone is aware that the Corona event is a historic scale, the US chip developer seems to understand that even their limited programs are inaccurate - declaring that all GTC product and technology announcements will be postponed to later and successful times.

NVIDIA will still offer a great variety of online lectures, classes and practices, most of them free of charge at all - definitely worth it Take a look at the full catalog

The dates of the original GTC conference are still scheduled to air live workshops and lectures for a crowd of scientists, developers and creators based on the various products from home , But at this stage it is clear to us that we hope to hear details about future architectures And Hopper are superfluous - all of this will come somewhere down the road, with some delay over the scheduled schedule.

It is natural to assume that many public technological events will be canceled or postponed during this period, so that the It makes a lot of sense - we can only hope that the routine in this area, and in general, come back to us as soon as possible, and give us the opportunity to enjoy a host of new and advanced material products in a concentrated period of time.


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