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Reporting: NVIDIA will unveil upgraded GeForce RTX models

We still do not really know the meaning of the Teaser provided by the chip developer with the word Super - but it is estimated that this is an update for Presented less than a year ago

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We expected that The Mysterious Teaser It was released A few days before the opening of the Computex exhibition, it will be related to what the company will present to us at the event itself, but instead we had to make do with cards New to the mobile world. This does not mean that we have to give up - the chip developer promises that the super promised is still on the way, and the network is already busy trying to predict what will be the product or the products hiding behind the screen.

The site tweaktown.com, which has proved itself in the framework of some rumors about NVIDIA in the past, מספר Now that the company is preparing to launch improved versions for the GeForce RTX 2070, GeForce RTX 2080 and GeForce RTX 2060 - with GDDR6 memories at an increased speed (we've seen Announcements on chips that reach 20Gbps speed Wonderful a few months ago) and other potential surprises.

Did not knock us out of the chair at the last Computex exhibition - but the promise of something special remained

It is not clear how the new products will be designed and whether they will actually include the word Super on their behalf, but there seems to be a possibility of launching an improved version of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti sometime later, apart from the trio in question. However, things are supposed to become clear in the framework of another large exhibition that will open up to what will be soon - the EXMUMX Grand Gaming Show to be held in Los Angeles, and will also include a special event of the competitor Which aims to provide more technical data about the graphics cards from the E-.

Instant response of The exciting launch expected from AMD?

Ready for a head-to-head battle between the red camp and the green? We will continue to follow and update you.


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    1. New video cards will lower the price of the old ones
      And it's not that simple sometimes how much is a difference between profit and loss

  1. My bet - you won't be officially lowering prices.
    The cards with the "super" addition will be priced as they are exchanged and will give a light performance (which can be obtained in any basic OC).
    The current cards simply will not be created anymore.
    Practically during the seam period there will be a decrease in the price of the current to the numbers listed in the article but within a few months they will disappear and the high price will remain.

  2. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-next-gen-ampere-gpus-to-arrive-in-2020-based-on-samsung-7nm-euv-process.html

    Oh yes. Only this reissue that they are now probably going to put out, also kind of a joke. It's a joke on the one hand at the expense of those who have already bought RTX - if the prices

    Get down, and it's a joke at the expense of anyone who believed in RTX's bluff. Here are two new jokes I said before and months ago.

    2020-2021 These are the interesting years. Anyone with experience does not purchase either Navi or RTX and await the next wave at 7nm.

  3. It intrigues me to know how many people here such as NAPOLEON45, are you 45?
    Then life didn't teach you anything about economics and how things work? I from 1991 hear "prices are going down" in everything.
    Guess what? 2019 = Never been more expensive in any field, done good.
    "Lowering prices" Why what, tomorrow will you queue to buy because the ticket was reduced to NIS 150? Is that what kills you?
    All Cellular Companies Compare Prices 700-800-900-1000-1500 Euro !!! For appliances, you can't buy a flat and rising cars for a smelly Corolla 135K, are you real?
    Live in the movie ... In the life of the movie, quit it.

  4. Many gamers here too.
    Anyone who just buys the best ticket for just a few generations right then 780TI, then buys 1080TI and stays with it for years!
    Provided, that the processor is also a senior and I can testify with 4790K for a few years, I had the 780TI afterwards 1080TI and I play on the 2K screen.
    Anyone who wants can always stay with 1080P which will lead to a bit of a processor limit but on 2K screens I've been around for years! Playing on the best settings and everything is great.

    All those who react every day to cards, discounting 100 is easy here and there ... just addicts, need some treatment.

    Buy a great ticket once every few years and close the business, nothing is going to be cheaper, get out of the movie you live in.

  5. Quote of Guest NONAME

    As well Gamers Like them here. Get out of the movie you live in.

    Quote of Guest NONAME

    Life has taught you nothing about economics and how things work?

    Let us live in the film. You will remain an anonymous guest please and do not dig for us what to purchase and / or how life works.

    Take a blessing.

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