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Official: The double Radeon Fury X2 was postponed to next year

A minority of leading titles supporting quadratic cores have led the chip developer to postpone the launch of its most powerful video card

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Interesting news comes from AMD's home. The Sunnyville chipmaker has announced that The Fury card is double its fiji cores, Which was presented to us in advance six months ago, will not come this year, but only sometime during the next year. The official reason for this is the desire for optimal fit for the virtual reality systems that are designed to reach us soon, And Vive.

However, the site anandtech offered Extension of their own For reasons of - and say that it is the sad state of play in the 2015 gaming market when it comes to arrays And CrossFire is primarily responsible for the delay.


The last vertex in the great quartet of delayed

The argument is that much of the leading video games that have come to personal computers over the past six months simply do not support the AFR technology, which allows each graphic core (either in a number of cards or in a dual-built card such as the Fury X2) to render parallel frames in parallel, In fact 'divide loads' and provide improvement Which is close to 100 percent in certain cases.

Recent shading and illumination processing methods are based on information from the previous frame to save resources and to provide a quality result, but this means that processing two frames side by side is a task that is suddenly difficult to accomplish without the help of some advanced forecasting. In other words - the desire of some of the keys to provide a better and more beautiful gaming experience for average users is in contradiction to the desire of the "advanced" players to use extremely powerful hardware sets to get Fine.

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One of the most intriguing double-core cards we've ever met

Here comes the virtual reality technology, which is a real gift for all lovers of the -, The CrossFire, and the various dual cards. Due to the inherent need to present a double image (one for each eye) at the same time, two graphical processing cores and even more are a logical and obvious choice - and should provide far better results than a single core, in almost every situation.

According to AMD 's announcement, we are now looking forward to seeing an official launch of The Fury X2 card By the end of the first quarter of 2016, the first commercial models of the X- Which will be the spearhead for virtual reality on the ", When this entire event should also be far enough away from the intended launch of the Islands of the next generation, somewhere during the second half of the 2016. We will continue to follow and update you.


VR will give new life to multi-core graphics arrays. we hope

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