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On the way up: One-third of the laptops sold today include SSDs

Information from the market research group TrendForce makes it clear that mechanical drives are still very relevant on laptops, Reduce the time, and record rate

Have you ever wondered how close we are to the day when mechanical drives become a rare sight and kind of weird bird in the computer market landscape? New reporting Of the DRAMeXchange Group sheds light on the matter, especially for the world of laptops.

According to the information presented to us, For makers and laptops, this year has reached unprecedented attractiveness - about $ 50 on average for an 128GB drive, and about $ 90 only for 256GB drive work.

These are prices that are significantly higher than those that private consumers are asked to pay, and given that most players continue to cut very fine coupons on switching between a mechanical drive and a flash memory drive, Devices are becoming an increasingly lucrative business for companies - so it's no surprise to see that the number of laptops will include drives It will jump from about 30 percent expected in 2015, to 42 percent next year - and no less than 56 percent in 2017.

We have to admit that this data surprised us - from a quick glance at the latest mobile phones, there is a sense that much more than a third of them come with flash drive drives
We have to admit that this data surprised us - from a quick glance at the latest mobiles, there is a sense that more than a third of them come with drives on purity The flash

If that were not enough, the expected rapid adoption To TLC technologies And the NAND Three-dimensional Which will go into high gear starting next year should help to significantly lower SSD prices for manufacturers, and later also for consumers themselves, while NVME technology,M.2, SATA Express And U.2 The latter are supposed to make these products much faster and more cost efficient, in a way that will make the gaps in the mechanical drives even bigger than they are now and will be pushed into the emerging revolution.

Hybrid drives help the hard-working school continue to maintain relevance - although in the long term, the total takeover of the SSD seems inevitable
The hybrid drives help the hard-core continue to maintain relevance - though in the long run, the total takeover of the Seems inevitable

While on desktop computers it seems that the high and low storage volumes of hard drives will be relevant in the future, it seems that in the mobile computing market the mindset is slightly different. The gaps in prices and volumes between HDD and They are much more limited, power and physical space savings play a significant role - and, bottom line, it seems that by the end of the decade, mechanical drives may become a rarity in the sector, reserved only for the most affordable systems on the one hand, and for large desktop computers. And advanced ones that will incorporate hard drives and drives For an array of volume and performance on the other side of the scale.

Saving lives או It is preferable to have some order of magnitude - what will be the feature that will balance the scales in favor The NAND?

Is your laptop based SSD, an old and good mechanical drive or maybe Hybrid drive Which purports to combine the best of all worlds? Tell us in comments!


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  1. Great, it's time for that to happen. When I talk to people with a three-year-old laptop and they complain about his speed of work, almost always the reason is because of their old-fashioned hard drives, the SSDs will solve us from such problems. I am eagerly awaiting the day when hard disks will be solely for massive server or NAS storage, and standard PCs will include SSD by default.

  2. It's definitely time for SSDs to be on all laptops by default, set to another story, where there is always room for some HDDs and SSDs to be combined, while laptops always have a shortage of free physical space, most of which can only accommodate one storage device , Or SSD or HDD. That is why it is precisely on mobile devices that will only switch to SSD.
    I bought a new DELL portable one year ago from the INSPIRON model, a powerful DIY model with i7 processor, approx. AMD screen looks like an 8850 model if I'm not mistaken, 8GB memory, and hard 1TB, say new and powerful laptop, should work properly, like a plane, right? Nothing, it worked for me like some old 4 or 5 years old, so slow, because it was running really slow, all the software even opening windows all worked slowly like a turtle, really annoying that the laptop was new and with no specifications from the weak.
    By the time I got tired of it, I removed the standard 1TB hard disk, replaced the CRUSIAL M4 SSD with my 128GB from my stationary, and happened miraculously, now I really felt like the new computer, everything was flying, working fast, no annoying delays again, in short order. And it was all because of this slow HDD that slowed down all mobile.


    omg I just invented the best marketing password for SSD in history.

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