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One model, different cores inside: the EVGA RTX 2060 KO is not like everyone else

The video card that formed the annex to cut prices on the part May offer to consumers Larger and more elaborate that is partially defective - but with the potential for improved performance in some descriptors

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The life story of a fresh GeForce RTX 2060 KO model from a company It is quite unique compared to many other models of . Everything began at the CES show earlier this month where it was presented as a unique and exclusive creation of the American company which allows it to reduce the recommended price from $ 350 as for all other versions. 2060 - for only $ 300, which will provide tough competition in the new price and model category.

Then came the official launch of North America - with an even crazier temporary price of only $ 280 (which included a $ 20 post-purchase credit) which gave a good reason for the rest of the world to be jealous. Next we got the announcement that Formally reduces the basic recommended price for all models 2060 to the $ 300 level - but it turns out it's not something that prevents the KO from sticking out in the field either.

Other secrets are revealed in this unusual video card

A number of sites across the network that received the KO and its KO Ultra brother (which is in every sense except for slightly rushed operation frequencies) were surprised to discover a core called TU104-150, instead of the TU106-200 core like the other familiar GeForce RTX 2060 versions . In other words, EVGA managed to get from A hybrid supply of both truncated TU106 cores and larger TU104 cores, which failed in their testing process and did not become the basis for models 2070 and 2080 - to create the Its 2060 KO.

Two different cores on the same product - and the consumer has no real possibility of knowing what he will receive in advance of the image source: the Channel Of GamersNexus

From a material point of view these cores look identical but practical tests indicate that the lucky ones who receive an RTX 2060 KO card with a TU104 core inside them have the potential to enjoy enhanced capabilities - at least in the popular Blender graphical processing application, which has been significantly improved in direct comparison. On the YouTube channel of the GamersNexus site.

There is an extra Big for the TU104-150 core on Blender - and there may be other surprises that have not yet been discovered Photo source: The Channel Of GamersNexus

Who knows, we may find that in the next step we will find that burning more advanced video card firmware on the RTX 2060 KO's With the TU106 core, it will enable additional new hardware units in some cases and boost performance. It is worth noting that this is only speculation at this point, but there have already been similar cases that we have seen before - so it will not hurt to keep track and curious.

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